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Meet the Homeless Billionaires

Meet John Paul Dejoria, founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Tequila. He is a billionaire businessman and a great philanthropist. Dejoria was also homeless. The billionaire grew up in single parent home and was even in a gang when he was young, but he chose to change his life when a high school teacher told him he’d never amount to anything. He bounced around jobs until one day he decided to break out on his own. Collaborating with hair-dresser Paul Mitchell and with a 700 dollar loan he created the very famous Paul Mitchell brand of hair products. Now John Paul Dejoria is a billionaire with a 70% stake in one of the most popular tequila brands in the world.

The second man is Christopher Gardner and even if you don’t know him you have probably seen the movie inspired by him, The Pursuit of Happiness. The very touching movie shows how Mr. Gardner battles through adversity and even homelessness to become a successful stock broker. Not only was he homeless, unemployed and divorced he was also uneducated for the position he wanted to get. That did not deter him or derail his goals. He continued with persistence and perseverance. He now owns his own (very successful) brokerage company that does business from coast to coast.

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No matter how meager the means, anyone can succeed. How can do it?

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