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Men’s and Women’s Top Holiday Priorities

Summer holidays are already underway and the working population gets prepared to escape the daily routine and immerse in a relaxing frame of mind. But what are men and women up to when they go on holiday? According to a study of 2,000 adults by the travel agency Holiday Gems, men prefer getting a tan on holiday more than women do. They said they like to look like their bronzed-looking football stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Joey Essex who enjoy soaking up some sun rays.  Tanning was identified to be men’s second holiday priority while for women this was their third top priority.

Holiday Differences in a Nutshell

Overall, it seems that men prefer to spice up their holidays with more activities than women who tend to take a more relaxing approach and put more emphasis on leisure.  

Among men’s most popular activities for holidays are visiting theme parks, hiking and exploring caves. However, visiting bars was identified as the number one priority.     Women on the other hand enjoy visiting food markets, reading books by the pool and dining in exotic restaurants.

Other commonly cited activities by men – besides catching some sun rays – are riding a jet-ski, watching football and cider tasting. Women are said to prefer watching a theatre show, visiting a spa and riding on a horse and carriage after they’ve had a chance to have a swim in the hotel pool. Interestingly, men prefer to swim lengths to keep fit, but women are simply happy floating around like a ballerina.

As far as food tasting is concerned, men appear to be much more open to trying unusual food like an ostrich burger or frog’s legs, while women would prefer to visit a fine dining restaurant.

Booking a Holiday

Men’s and women’s views converge on the temperature of the holiday destination, with 26 degrees being the ideal climate condition for a break away in the sun.

When booking the holiday in the first place, an average couple spends six days of searching before they make up their mind on a destination. During this week-long search, couples will consider four holiday destinations before they agree on where to go.

A third of British couples will end up having an argument over the choice of holiday location, a fact which reveals how stressful booking a holiday can be. Things are even complicated for couples with children, as they have to take into account the needs of their children as well as their own preferences.

Men’s Top 20 Holiday To-do List

1.     Visit some bars

2.     Sunbathing

3.     Go shopping

4.     Drink cocktails by the pool

5.     Visit the zoo

6.     Go to a theme park

7.     Eat unusual food

8.     Go hiking

9.     Explore some caves

10.  Ride a jet-ski

11.  Watch football

12.  Camping

13.  Go scuba diving

14.  Go clubbing

15.  Cider tasting

16.  Rock climbing

17.  Rock pooling

18.  Ride in a helicopter

19.  Go paragliding

20.  Play football

Women’s Top 20 Holiday To-do List

1.    Read a book

2.    Swim in the pool

3.    Sunbathing

4.    Go shopping

5.    Read a book by the pool

6.    Drink cocktails by the pool

7.    Go to a food market

8.    Visit a museum

9.    Dine in an exotic restaurant

10.  Take a guided tour of holiday destination

11.  Go to a fine dining restaurant

12.  Visit a Cathedral

13.  Read papers on the balcony

14.  Visit the zoo

15.  Go to an aquarium

16.  Go to a water park

17.  Watch a theatre show

18.  Get a massage

19.  Visit a spa

20.  Take a ride on a horse and carriage

All in all, men enjoy sunbathing at a sunny holiday destination, an activity which is featured second on their wish list. On top of this, men enjoy indulging in a variety of sport activities as well as drinking while women prefer more relaxing activities such as reading a book, chilling out by the pool, going to a food market etc. The findings finally suggest that the stress of booking a holiday gets to many British couples, as the process of choosing a holiday destination is usually both time-consuming and complicated. 


Image Source: Daily Mail


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