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Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make at Your First Job

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So you are ready to take the world by storm; you are new at the job and you’ve got your best business casual on.  Be wary though, as the world-changers for the pit-falls of a new employee are many and deep. Don’t worry though; you’ve come to the right place. I will try my best to inform you about the things you should avoid as a brand spanking new employee.

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These are some mistakes you should never make at your first job.


It’s reasonable that once you’re birthed into the professional world from the womb of knowledge which is college, that you’ll feel a bit intellectually entitled. But, don’t be like that dude that took Psych 101 and acts like he’s the Freud of our era. Remember that guy? Who would get drunk and tell everyone that they had daddy issues and an Oedipus complex? He was really annoying right? Well, don’t be like him. You don’t know as much as you should and probably never will, if you act like you know everything. Each job has its own particularities and although studying in a certain field does give you knowledge, ultimately it’s still highly theoretical and will be much more useful when actually applied in the real world.

Being a Dissident

Sure, you would readily go to almost any political protest on campus, but the real world has a lower tolerance for dissidents. Just look at this video if you’re not convinced (if you’re easily offended by language and gore, it’s best to avoid it). Sure, you still have that rebel spirit but just give it a few months of the grinding, repetitive routine, and it’ll be knocked right out of you. You might feel like your rights are being trotted on, that you are being taken advantage of, but buck up butter-cup, you’re not alone and nobody wants to hear it. Also, inciting an inter-office protest due to the lack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the vending machine, will result in a quick dismissal…trust me!

Teachers Pet

OK considering you have very little real-world experience, I will be using relatable examples: remember in elementary school when there was that one kid that was always sucking up, tattling and ceaselessly asking questions? Well, just like my Psych 101 example: don’t be that kid. Take some initiative, use your head and stop asking your supervisor a question every two minutes. He/She isn’t a teacher and your supervisor has duties of their own to complete. Now regarding tattling: the boss might love you, but I guarantee that you will spend more time with your co-workers, now do you really want to displease those people? Finally, don’t try too hard, I know it’s one of your cute obsessions to be liked by every single person on the face of this fair earth, but sometimes it’s not going to happen. Just act normally (well, as normal as you can) and you will forge friendships and relationships in your workplace.

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Are there any other tips that you would like to tell our young newly employed friend? Let us know in the comment section below.

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