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How To Monetize Your Blog

Interested in monetizing your blog? Good news- it’s creating and regularly updating a blog that’s the hard part. Once your blog starts receiving steady traffic and reader engagement, it’s easy enough to monetize. You can monetize your blog in several ways: advertising, sponsored reviews/paid posts, affiliate links and using your blog to promote your products and services.

The key to making money from your blog with advertising lies in a combination of traffic, trust, engagement, and effectively using your advertising space. Advertising tools for bloggers include:

  • Sites like, which lets you monetize your blog with advertisements

  • Programs such as Google Adsense, Bidvertiser and Clicksor are all great tools you can use to monetize your blog

  • Advertising marketplaces such as BuySellAds. These sites usually guarantee a steady income, but they will take a commission.

  • ...Which is why many bloggers sell ads directly. If you prefer to go down this route, the WordPress plugin OIOpublisher can help with this.

  •  Displaying advertisements from an ad network. Google Adsense is the popular one, but you might want to try out alternatives like Chitika, Kontera and BurstMedia. However, advertising networks normally pay on a per-click basis, which means the income will vary from month to month.

A great way to monetize your blog is to offer micro consulting to your blog’s visitors. You can do this via Skype, Microsoft or Google meeting tools, phone or social media. This works well for services which involve coaching, editing, analysis, IT, web development and education.

Depending on your niche, it might be feasible for you to launch a job board. You can charge employers to advertise jobs, or conversely charge freelancers to advertise their services. Think and

As you blog, you’ll gain trust and loyalty from your audience- which means that blogs are the perfect platform for launching your products. Not only can you sell products directly to readers, you can bet they’ll promote them via social media, too. Your product could be:

  • A book or ebook. It’s getting increasingly common for bloggers to launch ebooks. These can simply be a collection of all your blog posts, or a spin-off of your blog. Or they could be unrelated to your blog- though obviously related content would be more appealing to your audience. Amazon offers free ebook publishing and with self-publishing you retain all rights and take home 100% of the profits.

  • Courses or other educational materials. They could be video tutorials or articles or PDFs.

  • Software

  • Clothing and accessories based on the topic of your blog or branded with your blog’s logo

Blogging can also lead to public speaking, events, and conferences.

You’ll probably have heard of affiliate links- next to advertising, they’re one of the most common ways to monetize blogs. Some online shops and services offer an affiliate program to website owners- they’ll pay a set commission, or sometimes they will pay you a percentage of the sales price.

A sponsored review is another good money maker. It’s a review of a product or service that you’ve been paid to write. A paid post is a blog post which an advertiser has paid you to publish on your blog.

Email marketing is the ultimate marketing tool for bloggers. It allows you to instantly deliver your message directly to the inbox of readers. This makes it a more powerful marketing tool than Facebook or Twitter.

Getting readers hooked with taster articles and then charging them for premium content can work very well, especially with instructional blogs or fitness. nutrition, style or beauty blogs. The Onion uses this technique.

A related strategy is making readers pay not for the content, but for membership. Most sites and blogs which do this also offer free downloads and other privileges, such as allowing members to comment. The Wall Street Journal is an example of this.

As you can see, there are several ways you can earn an income from your blog. Some bloggers have even turned their hobbies into careers. But whether you get rich blogging, or just make some money on the side, monetizing your blog is certainly a very achievable goal.

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