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Most Common Hiring Mistakes

Recruiters who are unfamiliar with hiring strategies and recruitment processes often fall victim to making fundamental mistakes when hiring new employees. By gaining knowledge of the Do’s and Don’ts when hiring, recruiters can work to avoid making mistakes that could potentially cause detriment to their company and success of their new recruit.  

Here we have provided some of the most common mistakes made when hiring…

Not spending enough money on recruitment: You get what you pay for – particularly when it comes to recruitment. If you want to locate the best employees, save time in the recruitment process, and target the right candidates, then enlisting professional recruitment services is essential. By avoiding this cost and undertaking the entire process on your own, you will end up cutting corners and making fundamental errors that could affect the hiring decision you make.

Poorly written job description: Defining a job, its duties, employee requirements, and the type of company you have is fundamental when creating a job post that will target only relevant candidates. Without a descriptive or well-written job advert, you can expect to get applications from people who do not have the necessary criteria to be successful in the job. You may also find that your job receives very few applications as people are unsure what the job entails.

Not knowing what your business needs: As a small startup company or an entrepreneur hiring for the first time, you must acknowledge that hiring individuals who can put their hands to multiple tasks, and who are resilient and motivated to work long hours is more important that having extensive work experience. Oftentimes, recruiters make the mistake of hiring candidates with one specialization or skill set when ideally they need someone who can work across several departments.

Rushing: One of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner is the employees you chose to have working for you. It is therefore important that you take this decision-making process very seriously and to rush it to simply fill the vacant position quickly.

Hiring friends: Although you may find it more comfortable and familiar to hire someone you know well, it can be a big mistake to hire a family member or close friend. Not only will personal relationships become strained, but you may find it difficult to achieve a professional employer-employee working relationship.


Not checking references: Without verifying whether references are good or bad, you cannot fully ascertain whether a candidate will be a valued addition to your company. References act as an excellent tool to find out how the candidate is perceived by previous employers and colleagues. 

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