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Most Inspirational Business Competitions to Motivate Entrepreneurs

By nature, entrepreneurs are highly competitive individuals. Their passion drives them to be smart, fast and ambitious. Best business strategies and startup contests can take the skills of an entrepreneur to the highest level of perfection. Multinational companies open their doors for aspiring candidates and offer them chances of funding for their ventures. As a competitive entrepreneur you won’t end up winning the prizes only, but you’ll gain sufficient experience and a chance to share your ideas with influencial industry professionals.

If you want to learn more about advancing your entrepreneurial skills, be a part of these inspirational business plan competitions:

1. Global Moot Corp Competition

The Global Moot Corp Competition tends to be the Super Bowl of Texas business world. Participants must be the winners of any previous business competition of USA, Canada or Thailand. Participants must own 50% venture and handle the professional presentations. The grand prize is $25,000 cash.

2. FastPitch

FastPitch Competition is held in Georgia. It invites students and inexperienced graduated to establish their own small businesses. Every participant has to share his three-minute pitch. Participation is open for local businessmen, academic experts and investors to assess the viability of ventures. Coaching and feedback help contestants throughout the competition, and the winner will receive a prize of $3,000.

3. MIT-CHIEF Business Plan

MIT-CHIEF Business Plan has been operating since 2011 in Massachusetts. It connects entrepreneurs of the USA and China. They create business plans. Communications about funds, industry expertise, legal services and local markets are also a part of this competition. Being a member, you can learn about consumer services and IT industries. The winner receives an amount of $20,000.

4. Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit

Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit is a highly competitive business plan of California. If you’re an early stage entrepreneur, here you can learn a lot of practices to move towards a bright future. All industries are welcomed to submit their 10-slide-deck business plans to the organizers at Leavey School of Business, Santa ClaraUniversity. The finalists have to present slideshows in person to win a cash prize of $10,000. 

5. American Dream Seekers

This RJ Riley & Company’s competition runs several rounds. Entrepreneurs receive legal services and a chance to work for a professional platform like American Dream Seekers. This competition is providing a chance to showcase your finest business creations to industrialists, investors, and business friends. At the end of the competition, five finalists will compete to win a prize of $5,000.

6. The Betesh Entrepreneurial

The Betesh Entrepreneurial Competition is open for high school students in New York. The competition motivates fresh graduates to step forward in the business world, and get inspired by their seniors in industry.

7. NAPEC Innovation Challenge

The North American Professionals and Entrepreneurs Council (NAPEC) Innovation Challenge has been created for business students of top-rated universities. Upon participation in this challenge, you’ll learn to develop newer business approaches. Finalists will have to prove their skills before senior entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists. You can get the chance to win $10,000.

By gaining plenty of social support and guidance, you can find your place in the business world that is both well-paying and lifelong.

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