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Most Underrated Jobs of 2013

Maybe we should all think twice about feeling sorry for the plumber who gets his hands dirty or the biologist who we judge as a total geek, because little do we know how rewarding these jobs actually are. Job titles such as ‘electrician’ or ‘librarian’ are generally frowned upon and immediately dismissed when in search for a stable and enriching job. But we’re wrong about that because although these occupations may not indicate glitz, glamour and sophistication, they in fact have an impressive pay and the job growth is high.

Is it time you reconsidered and revaluated your chosen career? There are twelve trades that have made it to Career Cast’s top list of most underrated jobs of 2013. Check them out below:

1. Computer Systems Analyst

Average Salary: $79,680

Projected Growth: 22%

Reason: “Strong compensation and a positive job growth outlook” 

2. Veterinarian 

Average Salary: $84,460

Projected Growth: 36%

Reason: “People love their pets, and as a result the demand for veterinarians is expected to increase 36% over the next seven years…”

3. Biologist

Average Salary: $72,700

Projected Growth: 31%

Reason: “…favorable conditions: minimal physical demands, low stress levels and a pleasant work environment."

4. Market Research Analyst

Average Salary: $60,300

Projected Growth: 41%

Reason: “…market research analyst makes a vital impact on the direction of business decisions by applying data of economic and technological trends."

5. Accountant

Average Salary: $63,550

Projected Growth: 16%

Reason: “a field benefitting from a high quality work environment, low stress and low physical demand."

6. Emergency Medical Technician

Average Salary: $31,020

Projected Growth: 33%

Reason: “…burgeoning opportunities to begin in this rewarding career make it a high potential field for those breaking into health care."

7. Legal Assistant

Average Salary: $46,990

Projected Growth: 18%

Reason: “Legal assistants offer firms versatile professionals who can take on numerous essential tasks, yet tend to work 9-to-5 and avoid the typical stress factors of working in the field of law."

8. Civil Engineer

Average Salary: $79,340

Projected Growth: 19%

Reason: “Projected increases in infrastructure-related construction resulted in a positive outlook for the civil engineering profession.”

9. School Principal

Average Salary: $87,760

Projected Growth: 10%

Reason: “…low pay is a frequently cited argument against pursuing a career as a teacher. Principals, on the other hand, earn a median annual salary of over $87,000.”

10. Plumber

Average Salary: $49,140

Projected Growth: 26%

Reason: “Demand for plumbers is expected to come from new building construction and stricter water efficiency standards for plumbing systems,”

11. Electrician

Average Salary: $49,840

Projected Growth: 23%

Reason: “Homes and businesses need more wiring than ever before…”

12. Librarian

Average Salary: $55,370

Projected Growth: 7%

Reason: Rewarding for “stress levels and working environment”


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