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How to Move to India for Employment

Every year thousands of people from Asia relocate to countries such as the UK and the USA for better employment prospects. However, the tables are turning as more and more people from developed nations move to countries such as Mexico and India for alternative employment prospects.

The global economic recession has had a hugely detrimental impact on many countries, slashing the number of available jobs and impacting negatively on the economy. As a result, thousands of people are choosing to move to India to try their luck at being more successful out there.

Benefits of moving to India

  • Can be an excellent career move and great addition to your CV
  • Is an opportunity to experience a totally new way of life
  • The cost of living is incredibly low
  • Job opportunities are rife for skilled western professionals
  • The ability to progress in your career is extremely high
  • Indian markets are flourishing
  • It is an excellent opportunity to see the world from a different perspective
  • Opportunities for travel are incredible and many luxurious destinations can be reached within a short period of time

Disadvantages of moving to India

  • If you want to live a lavish lifestyle or one reminiscent of your Western life, India may not be the best location to relocate to
  • The experience is not for the faint hearted as issues such as bureaucracy, pollution and weather extremes can become a problem
  • Many workplaces take a haphazard approach which can be incredibly frustrating
  • Reliability in the workplace is also an issue
  • You will be exposed to a great deal of poverty which can often be difficult to stomach and upsetting

There are pros and cons of any move overseas but the opportunity will undoubtedly be a positive and enriching one that leaves you with a range of new life skills.

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