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How to Move to the UK for Work

Before the recession hit the UK it had become an incredibly attractive location for relocation from overseas. Many people found the lucrative employment prospects and excellent financial opportunities appealing, and as a result, thousands of job seekers each year flocked to the UK to begin their new careers.

Following the worst of the recession, the UK’s employment levels reached a peak in august 2012, as jobless claims fell by the largest amount in over two years. Gradually, job seeker confidence is starting to pick up, particularly in certain industry sectors, and as a result, more and more international job seekers are returning to the UK for employment opportunities.

Factors to bear in mind

If you wish to relocate to the UK from overseas then there are certain factors that you will need to bear in mind prior to relocating. For example if you are from a European Union or EEA country then you will not need to obtain a visa in order to enter the United Kingdom for employment. However if you are from outside of the EU, you will need to successfully pass the visa application process prior to obtaining employment in the country.

Once you have been permitted entry into the UK you can begin your job search, by signing up to recruitment agencies, registering your CV with online recruitment companies and applying directly for jobs. You should also set up a LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter account, in order to network with people operating within your industry of expertise, and to better market yourself as a job seeker.

Things to consider

The British weather!

The British weather is a common topic of conversation across the UK and many people automatically resort to conversations about the weather as a form of small talk. British weather is notoriously unpredictable so if you are keen on endless days of sunshine, cloudless skies and warm temperatures, the UK is not for you. Alternatively if you enjoy cold nights in, frequent bouts of snow and hail and more commonly, rain, then the UK is the ideal location for you.

The British culture

Britain is a proud nation with a dry sense of humor and a love for sarcasm. British people like to joke about many topics ranging from the queen, politicians and each other and you can be sure that an evening spent in a typical British pub will be highly enjoyable and entertaining!

The British People

There are countless stereotypes of British people being cold, unapproachable or reserved though this is certainly not the case. Typically speaking, British people communicate in a very ‘indirect’ way, meaning that conversations are very contextualized and you may have to tread carefully when discussing certain subjects. If you come from a ‘say it like it is’ then this can be quite difficult to get used to.

British people are also incredibly polite and using please and thank you (as well as sorry when necessary) throughout your day is of utmost importance.


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