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Moving to Asia for Employment Purposes

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If you are relocating to Asia, whether for work, studies or travel, it is fundamental to be aware of the cultural implications of the country that you are relocating to, and to understand that each and every country in Asia is culturally unique. Before relocating to Asia for employment purposes, it is recommended that you conduct thorough research with regards to every aspect of that country.

Relocating from overseas

If you are from overseas and have chosen to relocate to an Asian country for employment purposes, it is particularly important that you learn about the various customs and traditions in place within your country of choice. Respecting these traditions can have a significantly positive impact on your time overseas.

Managing your expectations

Many people from across the globe are learning more and more about the benefits of relocating to Asia for employment purposes. As the rest of the world continues to suffer under the impact of the global economic recession, Asia is going from strength to strength, with countries such as Singapore, India and China in particular, demonstrating their continued economic success.

Despite Asia’s unparalleled economic development, it can still be tough to secure a position in this challenging market. As a growing number of individuals seek employment in Asia, the market has become more challenging and competitive to penetrate, particularly for those who have less experience behind them and less knowledge and understanding of that country’s culture.

For example many countries prefer to hire candidates who speak the relevant local language, or at least have some basic knowledge of that language. Such companies believe that this candidate will have a greater cultural knowledge of their selected country and as such, will integrate better into the working environment. Therefore if you have decided to relocate overseas but have no knowledge of the local language, it can be difficult to break into the market.

Nevertheless many graduates are finding it increasingly easy to find employment in this thriving continent, as a number of Asian locations, including Hong Kong, Japan and China, favor job seekers who have recently graduated from university, as they are more malleable than experienced workers. In addition, those graduates skilled in a particular industry (e.g. engineering) are also in high demand in Asia.

Why move to Asia?

Moving to Asia can be an exceptionally worthwhile experience, particularly if you approach the move with an open mind and a positive attitude. Living in Asia provides an unsurpassed cultural experience, the opportunity to meet new people and the chance to experience a new culture that you are currently unfamiliar with.

Along with a good quality of life and a low cost of living (in many locations), salaries across many Asian companies are generally excellent, whilst the opportunity for bonuses and other benefits is also high.

The reality of relocating

Although it is possible to speculate what sort of an experience you will have whilst working in Asia, it is impossible to predict exactly how your time overseas will go, and whether or not you will enjoy the experience. This is why it is essential to be completely prepared prior to relocating, as the reality of relocating can be entirely different from your initial preconceptions.



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