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Music Selection to Boost your Job Search

The concept of music boosting your job search is definitely curious and interesting. I have already written about the top movies that can motivate your job search, so perhaps for that reason, I could not stop myself from posting a very personal list of songs that really help to moviate any job search. What songs motivate you? Comment below! 

#1 Rocky -  Eye of the Tiger

One of the most encouraging songs is the background music from the movie "Rocky". This is a great song to play when faced with any big challenge.

#2 Bon Jovi - It's my Life

This song summarizes a way to live independently and to make your own decisions in life.

#3 Coldplay  - Viva la Vida

Barcelona Football team coach said that this song was used to motivate the players before a big game, and since then, it has become a great motivational song for many.

#3 U2- With or without you

This song really motivates when you are down. It helps you to keep trying to reach your goals, with or without someone.

#4 Queen -  Show must go on

When writing about motivational songs, I could not miss out the legendary band - Queen. Although I hesitated between two of their songs, I finally opted for ‘Show must go on’. When you start listening to this song you find yourself in the mood to keep on trying in the search for your dream job irrespective of obstacles that might fall in your way.

#5 Black eye peas -  I Gotta a feeling

I gotta a feeling every time I listen to this song that today is going to be a good one, that I will find my dream job and if not, I will keep on trying!

#6 Leonard Cohen and his versión of "Hallelujah"

This is a song to play loudly when you finally land your dream job!! Hallelujah!

#7 The Lumineers -  Ho Hey

The rythm of this song makes you want to stand up right away and go search for your dreams.

#8 Alicia Keys – Girl on fire

This song is perfect for all women out there who are searching for their ideal job. Come on girls we can make it!

I hope you like them!

and remember...let the party get started! 

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