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WEB & TECH / JUL. 27, 2015
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Must Have Apps For Grown Ups

As we all know, technology is an incalculably valuable gift that supports and sustains our relationships, our businesses, and ourselves. There are times, of course, when that which is supposed to make our lives easier malfunctions making us frustrated. Luckily, those moments are becoming rarer as new applications are tailored to the individual.  With smart phones we have some of the most current and innovative apps literally at our fingertips. Whether you are looking for a job  or simply want to get yourself organized, there’s an app for everything. It’s time you knew about a few of these apps that will not only harmonize your work life balance, but will also help you with everything from finances to networking and personal care.

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1. Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance. What is this? Some have no clue and the idea of not working to the grind every day is an oxymoron to success and productive growth. However, the importance of this balance should not be underestimated. Work-life balance is a concept that involves properly prioritizing two essential things in a way that harmonizes your overall life and being. Work is thus identified as your career or ambition pursuit; and lifestyle includes family, spiritual development, pleasure activities, leisure, and health. This is then transmitted to those around you such as family and friends, but the ultimate pay off is for yourself. Research is bubbling up about how important this concept is and how it can truly make a huge positive impact on your life.  Below are some apps to kick-start your personal renovation:

  • CrunchTime! ($19.99) - This app allows you to be extremely organized. It’s like Google calendar on your phone. Giving you the opportunity to set aside time for everything in your life such as work, TV, exercise, family, and sleep.  But it then measures how good you are doing in reaching those time goals. The visual pie chart lets you see exactly how you’re spending your time. [Download: Google Play | iTunes]
  • Pocket Yoga ($2.99) - There are many yoga apps, some free, some more pricey; I’d definitely recommend finding one that best fits your style and needs. But Pocket Yoga is a good place to start, as you’ll just need to reach into your pocket in order to start exercising. Avoiding overcrowded classes, you’ll also get the benefit of being able to practice yoga in your office, on your lunch break, or in a park nook on your way home. [Download: Google Play | iTunes]
  • PIP Stress Tracker (Free!) – We all know how damaging stress can be and how important and vital it is to rejuvenate ourselves. Being able to identify when you’re in a stress spiral, while also having some distressing techniques will certainly help that overall balance of the self. The Stress Tracker app lets you record your stress levels throughout the day, making you more aware of your own body with the ability to add the source of stress, any symptoms you may be experiencing, as well as your overall mood. The app then has an ‘insight’ tool to help you identify your biggest triggers so that become more aware of the steps you need to take to alleviate yourself from these stimuli. [Download: Google Play | iTunes]
  • Cozi Family Organizer (Free!) - This one is a shared calendar for your family so you never miss a family event again, or have a slip of remembering to pick up broccoli at the store. Family message boards allow you to quickly communicate for events or send short messages to those you care for most. [Download: Google Play | iTunes]

2. Financial

Woman with piggy Bank

Let’s face it, some of us are much more financially literate that others. However, having a basic understanding of financial preparedness and planning will definitely help overall stress, while it will also help with a more effective money management. Below are some apps that make all of that easier with a simple touch of a button.

  • Mint (Free!) - both a budget and money manager, mint is likely the most widely used personal finance app. Intuit’s mint offer a real time look at your finances from bank accounts and credit card to student loans and 401ks. It does require your personal information to get started, while it is trusted by many, make sure you trust it for yourself first! The app automatically tracks your spending categories and alerts you if you reach your budget limit; then it even offers custom saving tips if you ask for it.  It is definitely user friendly with easy to read, colorful charts! [Download: Google Play | iTunes]
  • Acorns (Free!) - Acorns uses your spare change from credit card purchases to invest in low ETFs. Average users earn $30-$180 in savings every month. You can do a larger lump sum if desired. [Download: Google Play | iTunes]
  • Level Money (Free!) - The “mobile money meter” connects your bank account automatically and then calculates income and recurring bills to suggest what daily, weekly, and monthly spending should be. It will also suggest what you should be saving every month and it will subtract that from your monthly budget. You can set up an auto-save amount and any cash left unspent will rollover to your savings account. [Download: Google Play | iTunes]

3. Networking

Celebrities meeting

There is more out there than just Facebook and LinkedIn.  There are some truly creative apps to facilitate meetings and spontaneity wherever you may be.

  • DoubleDutch - One of the leading mobile event apps in the industry is a one stop shop for real time analytics! Its ability to give a comprehensive overview of a conference is very thorough, from surveys and polling to attendee networking, sponsorship opportunities and more. It’s definitely worth a good look.
  • Weave (Free!) - Very similar to the dating app Tinder, weave does the same swipe technology for professionals.  This app could be worth the shot for both small businesses and startups looking for investors and beyond. [Download: Google Play | iTunes]
  • Bizzabo - Headed to a business conference? This app shows you who else will be there to help make it as worthwhile as possible. Even after the conference is over the app helps you connect with them. [Download: Google Play | iTunes]
  • CoffeeTheApp - For the young professional, this one allows businesses looking for interns to post for young talent. In addition it is a networking site for young professionals to connect with one another. [Download: iTunes]
  • Refresh - Perhaps the person you’re about to meet graduated from your same university or was recently mentioned in the news, or returned from a nice vacation. Refresh can dig up those details quickly allowing you to have some effective small talk conversation starters ready or a great personal connection to build on.
  • Caliber - For the technology professional. Signing in through your LinkedIn account, you designate your role in a team (i.e. engineer, product, business, founder, and marketing) and swipe to build a meeting or a team. [Download: Google Play | iTunes]

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Regardless of what you like to use finger technology for, there are obviously a multitude of possibilities out there to make it work with you, rather than against you. All of these apps and are just a search away, making your chances to expand or adapt your daily routine, literally, just a touch away.

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