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Must Have Social Media Analytics Tools

Any business of any size in any industry has to pay attention to social media. It’s the fastest way of climbing up Google’s search rankings and bringing in a larger audience. It’s also the most cost-effective way of doing so.

To plan an effective social media campaign, you need to gain relevant results. There are separate analytics tools tailored to each platform.

In this article, we will discuss some of the tools you need to gain accurate feedback on your social media activities.

Tailwind for Pinterest

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform since Facebook and Twitter. It’s an image-based platform used to capture the senses through simple images.
Tailwind allows you to track what your followers are repining and their comments. There are additional options within Tailwind for drilling down into the performance of each individual piece of content by category, keyword, and hashtag.

These features are especially important for Pinterest. This network hosts a general audience. It’s difficult to target specific groups if you’re new to the network. Tailwind will help you reach only the people you want.

CrowdBooster for Twitter

CrowdBooster is primarily used for Twitter, but it can be used for Facebook as well. It analyses all your posts and who you interact with. Using this information, it provides recommendations for what you should post and who you should speak to. It’s a highly useful tool for keeping in touch with your core audience.

Some of the advantages of CrowdBooster include bit.ly integration and an easy-to-use dashboard.

It does take a few weeks to utilize the power of CrowdBooster. New users will need to continue posting and marketing themselves as before so it can build up enough data to start making accurate recommendations.

Circle Count for Google Plus

Google+ is the primary social network to be on for SEO reasons; Google made it more SEO relevant than Facebook. The main problem with Google+ is there aren’t a lot of analytics tools designed for it. Google have purposely made it this way.

As such, the best available analytics tool is Circle Count. This allows you to track your followers and shares. It’s far less sophisticated than the tools for other social media networks, but it’s the best available for now.

ChannelMeter for YouTube

ChannelMeter is an online analytics tool for YouTube. It’s available directly through your browser and allows you to compare the statistics for any video on the site. You can find out everything from how long a user spends on a page to the demographics of your audience.

Since video content is radically different from anything else you may seek to publish on social media, it’s important to get an idea of whose getting access to your videos. The comparison option makes ChannelMeter useful for figuring out what your competitors are doing differently to you.

Agora Pulse for Facebook

Agora Pulse is a Facebook community management and app creation tool. There are no direct competitors to Agora Pulse, which makes it unique. You can create HTML apps and Flash apps to help you bring in more fans, but its social media analytics features are what make this tool stand out.

You can employ detailed fan qualification. This means you have the option to choose a specific demographic and focus on the data coming from them. Businesses can concentrate exclusively on their core audience.

Agora Pulse is similar to ChannelMeter in that you can identify competitors and compare their statistics with yours.

The only disadvantage of this tool is you do have to pay a subscription to use it. There’s a single pricing point for every type of business.

Do you experience with any of these tools? Do you use any other tools? Your comments and thoughts below please…

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