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MyPath101 App Helps College Students Identify Their Career Potential

In today’s dynamic economy and growing globalization, it takes a lot more than just understanding Microsoft Office, social media and web browsers to succeed in a career. As millions of college graduates are unemployed or underemployed, the quest to seeking out a degree or diploma has become a lot more intricate and thought-provoking for the current and future generations.

One web application is attempting to assist students enhance the personal college experience and improve their academic credentials for their careers; something that a lot of sophomores and seniors still have difficulty with today.

Identified as MyPath101, this private membership resource, which was originally a four-month pilot project in Pittsburgh and has since launched nationally, targets student who wish to pick the best majors, select the complementary courses and manage their education more efficiently. This new service aims to revolutionize the post-secondary experience.

The program begins with three paths that consist of modules (articles, video instructions, etc.) that offer more than 20 hours of content for students to learn and take advantage of. These are the three exercises:

Identity & Personal Branding

Complete assignments that aid an individual to understand themselves better and find the best career possible.

Social Media Strategy

A program that shows students how to establish online profiles for academic and professional initiatives.

Career Marketing

Utilize everything they have learned and apply it to internships, graduate programs and employment opportunities.

Parents, students and schools can access these modules for free each month, or they can pay $77 for a quarterly membership or $247 for an annual membership – the latter can give users access to guest webinars and live Q&A sessions.

Created by Rachel Gogos, the purpose of the app is to prevent the current generation of post-secondary students from undergoing the agony and anxiety often associated with attending college. This roadmap to college and career planning is something that Gogos wishes she and her former peers had.

“I started this to help students find their path at that critical point when they’re 18, 19, 20 years old in a more efficient way, to help them find their purpose,” said Gogos in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. “I really struggled with that and feel like I lost some time. If I look back on my life, there is a very windy road that leads me to today and that happens to most people.”

In the near future, colleges and universities can soon access MyPath101’s open-ended format to license the product and produce a customized website directed specifically for their own students. Of course, current students use the web application for more than just a supplement.

“Although our students still prefer the one-on-one career counseling through CDPA, we do acknowledge that today’s students are very comfortable with online learning. We are pleased that MyPath101 provides a reliable, user-friendly service to those students who prefer to receive career counseling virtually,” Cheryl Finlay, director of University of Pittsburgh’s office of career development and placement assistance, told the newspaper in an emailed statement.

Will MyPath101 eventually replace career counsellors and on-site school assistance? Gogos confirmed to the Pittsburgh Business Times that isn’t the intention of this new online service, but this is definitely a tool that can assist students 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and perhaps is even better than a physical educational facility.


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