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How to Name your Company

You got the idea down - the ins and outs of it are figured out - the only thing left is to have a smashing name to sell it. While this may sound easy, majority of entrepreneurs struggle to find the perfect name for their company. It is the simple and most basic part of the company establishment procedure - but if you don’t have a clue what you want to call it, then it may prove to be the hardest part.

The success of your business is not entirely up to the name of it, however it does play a huge part. You want to name your company something that people will remember, and retrun to - rather than offending half the population.

Here are 5 questions to consider before you choose your company’s name:

Is it available?

The number one question that many entrepreneurs overlook when naming their company is the availability of it. No matter how unique you think your company name is, it is important to consider whether or not it is yours have. There are many people who have the same ideas, so don’t be too cocky and do your research before you go around pitching your company to investors.

What does it sound like?

If the company name you choose sounds too much like an existing company, then it is likely that it will get confused with others. Make sure it is easy to spell and that the spelling is obvious. For example, naming your company Kast may not be a good idea because people may search for it by typing “cast”.

Is it too many syllables?

The most successful companies in recent years have only 2-3 syllables, for exampole: face-book, twit-ter, goog-gle and you-tube. Whatever you choose to name your firm, make sure that it is short and sweet. The longer it is, the harder people will find it to remember it.

Does it state the obvious?

Let your imagination get the best of you. Don’t go with generic names such as Banker 01 or The Newspaper - these are too bland to even consider remembering. Be out there and make sure your name is unique - just look at successful companies such as Mashable and Twitter, they are completely exclusive names!

Are you proud of it?

Once you name your company, you are stuck with that name for as long as it remains. That is why you need to make sure that you are ever-so-proud of it. You don’t want to be ashamed to own up to the name of your own company, instead it should light up your face and bring a glint in your eye - that is when you know you struck gold with the name.

If you follow these simple guidelines then you should have a good solid name for your company.

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