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Negotiating the Contract

During the recruitment process, employers often face difficult candidates who are qualified and able to work; however they are not satisfied with the employment contract terms that you offer them. Usually this is the case when employing overqualified or highly experienced individuals as they are aware of their abilities as valuable employees.

When you have determined a potential candidate that you wish to employ, it is important to offer them a contract based on the current market salary rate as well as the company’s financial health. Companies tend to email the employment contract to potential employees, prompting them to reply within a certain period of time.

Many potential employees will try and negotiate the terms laid out in their contract, whether it is the amount of salary or the additional benefits that your company offers employees. This communication can be done through email or in person, as most candidates prefer to book an appointment with the employer to negotiate and amend the clauses outlined in the employment contract.

It is advised that employers predetermine a hiring strategy before offering a candidate the job position. This enables recruiters to be able to give potential employees a direct answer in the event of a salary negotiation during a meeting.

Employers are advised to consider the employees case carefully before they finalize their decision as it can have damaging effects on the recruitment procedure. Many qualified individuals choose to decline the prospect of working at a company where their wishes are not complied with, therefore it is essential to carefully consider their reasons for a different contract.

The procedure of negotiating a contract is often difficult as many companies are not able to comply with all of the wishes of a candidate. However, employee and employer should negotiate to reach a decision that both parties are happy with. Starting an employment on a bad note can lead to further frustration and aggravation for employee and recruiter therefore it is advised to mutually decide an employment contract that is beneficial for everyone involved.

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