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Network Your Way to Your Next Job finding a job

One of the most effective ways to find a job is through networking. As a job seeker, you should make the effort to establish a strong network that incorporates professionals within your industry of expertise. Consider both online and offline means to build your network and this will enable you to experience optimal exposure to decision makers.

Here are some ways you can network your way to get your dream job:

Connect through Social Media

The power and outreach of social media should not be overlooked – especially those who are part of generation X. Make sure that you are familiar with the latest technology and aware of platforms that are being used for different purposes. Social media has intercepted every aspect of our lives - including our job search, so make you make the most of this! Whether you choose Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, it is important to complete your social profile to network effectively. Upload your profile picture, write your previous experiences and make sure you don't leave your profile dormant - keep building and networking, even after you get the job you are after. 

Make Use of Personal Contacts

Use your personal contacts within the industry to get inside information about vacancies and requirements. Having a person who already works for a company that you wish to work for is the best way to ask for an introduction. Use your contacts from university and friends of your family to get your foot in the door. Connect with influencers via a mutual friend as this will leave a more prominent impression on them. Once you have been introduced, you can go on to add them on your social profiles as well as to your potential company list.

Attend Industry Events and Workshops

The most convenient place to meet industry professionals is by attending events, seminars and workshops related to your field. They are bound to be attended by influential names in your industry of expertise and you can approach them to introduce yourself. When attending such events, make sure that you take your business card with your and engage in meaningful conversation – rather than bore them with your experience. Your primary purpose is to make an impression and to be successful; you must have something interesting to say!

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