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WORKPLACE / AUG. 21, 2013
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Never Tell Your Boss…

We have all been there; accidentally letting information slip to the boss which we have immediately cringed at (or regretted ever since). You may have offered too much personal information when trying to get on a more "friendly" level with the boss, or you could have over-indulged at the office party and spouted out how much you hate your job. Either way, your speech could have cost you your ‘Employee Of The Month’ title, or worse, your job!

Take a look at the list below and discover exactly what you shouldn’t be telling your boss.

#1 Don’t disclose personal information about yourself

This includes sexual preferences, religion, age or family plans, as (unfortunately) it can work against you. Many companies base their decisions about employees using personal information they have learnt about them, and while this can sometimes work in favor of the employee, oftentimes it doesn’t.

#2 Don’t tell your boss if you have feelings for them

While this may seem like an obvious point, many employees don’t take any notice of it! It is more than likely that your boss does not feel the same way, and if told about your feelings, could take it badly. Your boss may also be married or in a relationship – if this is the case, steer clear! It’ll either result in your happily married boss having you removed, or a sordid affair that will only end in disaster.

#3 When making an excuse, don’t always tell the truth

Ok, this one needs a bit of explaining. If you haven’t managed to meet a deadline during working hours, be honest and tell your boss the real reason. But, if your boss expects you to work late on a Friday when you have a hot date lined up, simply twist the facts a bit when saying why you can’t stay behind. Rather than say you have a hot date and might get lucky tonight, say that you have made other arrangements and can’t cancel.

#4 Never tell your boss about your spouse’s income

This one is a biggy. If you disclose the overwhelmingly high salary your partner is making, your boss can take it as a sign you don’t really need the promotion or a salary raise and instead give the promotion to someone more needy.

 #5 Keep any information pertaining to your second job a secret

Don’t tell your colleagues about working two jobs, and certainly avoid telling your boss! Having a second job is often prohibited in employment contracts so you can get yourself in big trouble by working for more than one company.

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