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New Year Resolutions for Freelancers

It is that time of the year when the rest of the world is gearing up for an eve of celebration and offices are shut to give their employees a well-deserved break. But for freelancers, every day is a combination of work and convenience. Their flexible work schedules and the independence to do what they want are reasons that keep them happy all throughout the year. However, there isn’t a better time than the closing of a year to sit down and take stock of where your freelancing career is headed. Chalk out new plans for the coming year by making the following agendas your new year resolutions for 2014.

Increase Your Rates

If you have been providing services for the same freelance rates for over a year, it is time you got what you are worth. Even professionals who work regular hours and report to offices demand higher pay after adding a year of experience to their portfolio, so why not you? This is the best time to give yourself a hike. You could have started out with lower asking rates to undercut competition or to get more work but a year into the thick of things and your skills are now honed. So raise your rates but remember that your work must also justify the new price.

Try Delegating the Work

When your freelance work begins prospering and when you are flooded with work, it starts leading to unprecedented delays of deadlines. To avoid such situations where you burden yourself, compromise with quality, miss deadlines and spoil your virtual reputation, you should consider outsourcing. It may sound different for an outsourced worker to further delegate his work, but it is a smart move, especially for busy freelancers or those who wish to take on work at higher rates and get their work done by others at lower rates. It is a good option as you save time and still earn profit! However, beware of the quality of work outsourced.

Learn to Say ‘No’

Always accepting projects, even if they are menial, is a sign that you can’t say ‘No’. Change that this year. Don’t be afraid to turn down work if your plate is full or the offer is not worth it. Taking on more work than you can manage may burn you out, while offering services at a lower rate may spoil your rate for future projects. Don’t forget that you are not doing charity and are in business for yourself. So go ahead and confidently choose projects that interest you and decline those that don’t seem worth the effort. After all, isn’t this why you started freelancing in the first place?

Remind Yourself Why You Love Freelancing

If you have started feeling jealous about how people working regular hours can stop working at 5 pm every day, take paid leaves and get weekends off, remind yourself why you initially opted for freelancing. Jog your memory about the times people have told you how lucky you are to be working from home. You used to love –

  1. Being the boss
  2. Flexible work hours
  3. Control over projects and clients
  4. Keeping all the profits

So in 2014, make a resolution to keep reminding yourself how lucky you are to have all the above. No matter how frustrating your work may get, your flexibility will eventually make it all worthwhile. So grab a cup of coffee, play your favorite songs and sit down with your laptop. Not many people get such luxury and also get decently paid for it.

The beginning of a year is the best time to consider the given points and take them up as new year resolutions. They will help pick up your game, irrespective of where you currently stand as a freelancer. With an option of freelancing, you can build a successful career in editing, writing, web designing, graphic designing and several other realms. Here’s wishing you a happy new year and hoping your freelance business flourishes in the coming days.


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