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How To Not Be The Worst Jobseeker Ever

Do you want to know how to avoid being the worst jobseeker ever? This article provides a list of 6 tips that can help you develop your job-hunting skills and increase your chances of actually getting the job that you have wanted all along. If you are interested, check it out.

#1 Quality over quantity

Make sure that quality wins over quantity as far as it concerns your CV and cover letter. Keep it short and simple. Remember that quality is far more important than quantity and recruiters only spend a matter of a few seconds on each CV. Also, since you can’t refer to all the skills you possess in a single piece of paper, make sure that you include the skills and qualities that represent you the most and relate these to every job you are applying to using keywords.

#2 Make sure you are available

Always make sure that you are available and can be contacted at any time. It would be a shame if you have missed your chance of getting a job interview when your cell phone was turned off. Always make sure that you give out the correct contact details including home address, email and telephone number. If it happens and you are not available, return the call as soon as possible.

#3 Making a difference

Making a difference refers to going the extra mile. You know every other applicant will do certain things this way e.g. sending their cover letter along with the CV, but you are still doing the same thing. Beg to differ and try different approaches in regards to how you can contact the employer. Perhaps attaching a file to that email, which explains how you meet the job criteria in detail, will get the employer’s attention. Going the extra mile will show the employer that you actually have something other applicants don’t.

#4 Tailor your CV and Cover Letter

Tailor your CV for each job application and make sure to check it thoroughly. Even though you are applying for the same position at two different companies, make sure that you are not sending the same CV. Each company has different requirements and you have to identify these through reading the job description. If possible, provide proper justification for each job requirement and write a few things about the company on the actual cover letter.

#5 Have patience

Successful jobseekers know when it is time to attack and when it is time to wait. Job-hunting does take time and only those who have patience are victorious. In truth, searching for a job can be a quite daunting experience, but have patience and think positive; opportunity is knocking at your door sooner than you think.

If you have not being doing these things, make sure that you review your job-hunting techniques. Make the appropriate changes on your CV and cover letter, check your online status, aim higher and concentrate on making a difference!

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