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"Nothing in Life is Easy and Success Can't be Bought" - Life Lessons from Tamara Ecclestone

Coming from a high socio-economic background and being a Formula 1 heiress, many might hastily assume that Tamara’s success stems from the legacy of her father, who built the Formula One empire. However, it is her unique personality and endurance that made her successful both in her personal and professional life. There are definitely a lot of aspects you can learn from Tamara’s inspiring personality in order to develop yourself and enhance your career prospects.

Lesson 1

First of all, Tamara keeps a low profile and admits that she regularly buys sausage rolls from Greggs and that she does not opt for posh bakeries. Being modest and respectful are key traits for any employee who wants to build a reputation for being self-aware and down-to-earth.

Lesson 2

Positive-thinking and a motivated attitude are additional traits of Tamara. The celebrity strives to maintain good relationships and get along with all people; she does not like negativity in her life. Similarly, employees should always be surrounded by positive energy at workplace and seek to enhance team spirit by showing good will. 

Lesson 3

Tamara acknowledges herself as a good listener and states that she avoids being critical towards other people. Therefore, these traits make her an outstanding advice giver. This is an excellent lesson for employees to be active listeners and adopt an open-minded stance towards their colleagues without bias. 

Lesson 4

The most striking part of her personality though is her loyalty and reliability, qualities that jobseekers should have in the workplace. The more reliable and consistent an employee is, the more long-lasting his/her relationships with colleagues and top managers will be.

Lesson 5 

Furthermore, her greatest achievement is the launch of a hair product called Show Beauty this year. This involved a great deal of research and experimentation, however her name was not apparent on the product’s label so nobody could imagine that the Italian-born celebrity would be behind it. Likewise, employees should strive to reach their career goals and expect a similar success when demonstrating such diligence and inventiveness. 

Dependability, a hard-working attitude and dedication are the key elements which drove Tamara to success and popularity. These are only a few things you can learn from a rich yet smart socialite in order to become a successful professional. 

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