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Nursing Careers in Vietnam

Vietnam hospital

There are many career opportunities available for qualified English speaking teachers in Vietnam. The education sector is part of the public service sector and as such, is regulated by the relevant government department. Teachers working in public/state schools are considered to be ‘civil servants’ while teachers in private educational institutions will follow the employment structure and contract provided by that particular institution.

Entry to the teaching profession in Vietnam involves satisfying certain conditions and educational requirements. These usually include:

  • Holding a Bachelor’s degree

  • State school teachers need to pass an English exam to prove proficiency in the language

  • Proven experience in TESL (teaching English as a second language), approved by the Teachers for Vietnam organization

  • Applicants must be native English speakers with fluency in English writing

  • Proficiency in Vietnamese

The application procedure for individuals applying for an English speaking teaching job in Vietnam includes:

  • Payment of the required application fee where applicable

  • Complete and submit the official application form

  • Provide samples of written work or work experience

  • Provide reference letters, preferably an employer reference

  • Passport copy and passport photos

The benefits of teaching positions will vary from one educational institution to another, however there are specific guidelines as provided by the government which stipulate the minimum requirements and rights teachers in Vietnam should have.

Common benefits include:

  • Salary in line with the seniority of teaching and number of years experience

  • Medical coverage

  • Free housing where applicable

  • Government funded language training is available where applicable

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