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Nursing in Jordan

 Jordan’s healthcare system has improved significantly over the last two decades, with first-class facilities and equipment having been introduced in order to improve the overall quality of its healthcare services.

Overall, nurses in Jordan have recently enjoyed a higher level of respect from the public, particularly as the system has showed improvements. Nursing education and services have shown dramatic improvement, thus ensuring that the overall quality of nurses is of the highest level.

The Jordanian Nursing Council

Since the implementation of the Jordanian Nursing Council in 1994, Jordan has taken the lead in the Middle Eastern world in recognizing nursing as an independent profession. The King of Jordan, King Abdullah the Second, has emphasized the importance of a professional and high-quality healthcare system, as a right of all citizens.

The implementation of the Jordanian Nursing Council has lead to a significant emphasis on encouraging nurses to be as creative, forward-thinking and resourceful as possible. Opportunities for advancement are always available, by law, through the Nurse’s Act and leadership development programs.

Becoming a Nurse in Jordan

In order to become a nurse in Jordan you will be required to sit the necessary entrance examinations. These will involve a number of years of study, which include both theoretical work as well as on-site work.

Excelling as a Nurse

As a qualified nurse you will be expected to demonstrate continued dedication and respect to your profession at all times. Your role is also to be professional in every aspect of your work, showing support towards your colleagues and making informed decisions. 

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