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Nursing in Malaysia

nurse in Malaysia

Nursing careers are primarily within the public sector in Malaysia; however, there is a significant number of private hospitals and private nursing colleges. The medical professions sought by medical graduates are mainly in the areas of nursing, psychology, pharmacy, physiotherapy, occupational health, and optometry.

Commonly sought careers within the Malaysia healthcare sector:

  • Medical Lab Technologists

  • Health Inspectors

  • Radiographers

  • Dental Assistants

  • Dental Technologists


With a reported shortage of skilled and qualified nurses in the country, the demand for qualified nurses is evident. The healthcare sector in Malaysia has grown rapidly in recent years, and so careers within this sector have become more accessible to those eligible for nursing courses and nursing salaries have become more favorable.

Nursing students in Malaysia today receive a breadth of clinical practice, education, management skills and research; thus allowing them to diversify into any area of nursing or healthcare. For example, nursing graduates can continue their education to specialize in a specific area of nursing, or they may choose to follow a career path as a director in health care.

Nursing education

  • Registered Nurse: requires a 3 year Nursing Diploma

  • Community Nurse: requires 2 years of nursing education

  • Assistant Nurse: 2 years of nursing education

  • Midwife: 2 years of nursing education

Diploma in Nursing

Registered nurses in Malaysia must complete a three-year Diploma in Nursing at a public or private nursing college. There are 19 public nursing colleges and 35 private nursing colleges, which gives Malaysian nursing students a broad choice with regards to the type of education they wish to receive, and they course fees they can afford.

Nurses seeking registration with the Nursing Board (NB) in Malaysia must satisfy the following requirements:

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