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FOOD & FITNESS / JUN. 25, 2014
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Office Yoga: Simple Poses You Can Do Right at Your Desk

 Office Yoga: Simple Poses You Can Do Right at Your Desk

Desk work can wreak havoc on your neck, shoulders, and back. New evidence also shows that sitting for long periods of time can be a serious detriment to your health. So how can you stay active while still keeping up with the daily desk race? By practicing some simple Yoga poses during your workday, you can improve circulation, work problem muscle groups, relieve tension, and increase your mental alertness.

Getting Started

These Yoga poses don’t require the use of any special equipment and can be performed in areas with limited space. Each of these moves can be done right in your office and are a perfect way to spend the last 15 minutes of your lunch break. Remember when performing Yoga, breathe deeply from your core and try to hold each pose from 30-60 seconds.

 Work it Out: Top 6 Office Yoga Poses

The Degas Dancer: Works Chest, Shoulders, Back, Neck

  • Start this position by standing up straight with your arms at your sides
  • Next, slightly arch your back with your belly forward
  • Clasp your hands together behind your back tightly, but not uncomfortably
  • Now, roll your shoulders back in a counter-clockwise position
  • Arch your head upward slightly and breath

The Wave Breath: Works Shoulders, Upper Back

  • Start the Wave Breath pose by sitting straight up in your office chair
  • Place your arms at your sides, bent at the elbow so that your forearms and hands are parallel to your thighs
  • As you breath in deeply, spread your arms outward and arch your back to open your chest
  • Hold for a few seconds, and as you exhale retract your arms and back to their original position

The Chair Warrior: Works Legs, Hips, Core

  • Begin this pose by sitting straight up beside your office chair
  • Turn your body to the right with your right leg in front and left leg extended straight behind
  • Arch your back and lift your left arm straight up above your head
  • Keep your core tight and breath while arching your back slowly backward and hold
  • Now switch the position so that you are facing left with your right leg extended to work the opposing muscles

The Sitting Reed Pose: Arms, Shoulders, Back, Core

  • Start this pose sitting in your office chair
  • Place your arms above your head
  • Clasp your fingers together, arch your back and stretch as you reach upward
  • Lean your body to the right side while holding the pose and breath, hold this position for about ten seconds
  • Now, center your body while maintaining the pose and lean your body to the left, breath and hold

The Standing Bend Pose: Works Back, Neck, Legs, Arms, Shoulders

  • Start this pose by standing straight up
  • Now clasp your hands behind your back
  • Inhale deeply and while keeping your legs straight, now exhale and slowly bend forward
  • As you hold this position try to let your arms stretch slightly backward

The Sitting Half Lord of the Fishes Pose: Works Back, Neck, Core

  • Begin this pose by sitting straight up in your chair
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor and twist your body to the right while holding the back of the chair
  • Hold this pose for a few seconds and breathe deeply
  • Return to the neutral sitting position and repeat this move while twisting your body to the left

Each day, try to hold these poses for a few seconds longer this will allow you to eventually work your way up to about a minute each. Listen to your body; if some poses seem difficult, decrease the intensity of the stretch. Remember, slow and steady wins the race, by practicing these poses each day you will be able to increase stretch intensity a little bit at a time.  

Image Courtesy of CureJoy 

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