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Older Employees Display Greater Productivity and Dedication in the Workplace: Infographic

We know that the internet is essentially the devil in a workplace environment; it distracts employees to the point where they become completely unaware of just how long they are ‘browsing’ the net or snooping their social media accounts, and yet without the internet most work related tasks cannot be completed. It’s a catch 22 for employers!

A staggering 9 out of 10 employees admit to ‘wasting time’ while at work, according to stats gathered by Name Badges International in 2014. What’s more, the misplaced productivity of employees at work reportedly costs employers a phenomenal $130 billion annually.  Something that does stand out amongst the data gathered is that the older generation of employees waste less time at work than their younger counterparts.

An infographic posted on titled “Older Workers Waste Less Time” shows in detail the extent to which older workers are considered to be more ‘committed and productive’. This is something that should also be considered during company recruitment and selection processes; we know that more often than not age is a defining factor in whether someone gets the job or not (despite this being against the law), and so it is important that employers realise the real value of hiring an older employee.

According to the infographic, older employees tend to be less ‘savvy’ when it comes to surfing the net, and with social media taking up so much of employees’ daily focus (50% of the 500 million active users log on every day!), it is understandable why older workers are less inclined to browse social media if they do not have their own profiles.

Social media tends to be at the root of the problem of misplaced productivity in the office. The data exposed in the infographic also reveals that a vast 77% of employees log onto Facebook during working hours.

Some more staggering results from the infographic include:

  • Almost 40% of employees  aged 18-24 year olds would actually consider quitting their job if Facebook access was banned in the workplace, compared to only 16% of 25-65 year olds.
  • Employees who place Fantasy Football in the office cost employers an unforgiving $10.5 billion.
  • Workers born before 1979 waste much less time at work compared to those born after 1980.

Older workers are also more aware of their productivity levels because competition for jobs these days is so fierce that many older employees are particularly cautious of ‘overstepping the line’. If they are wasting time at work, they can also be easily replaced with less experienced but (often) cheaper graduate substitutes.

Age discrimination is still prevalent in the recruitment world and so older employees tend to keep this in mind when maintaining a high level of productivity at work.

Check out the infographic for a deeper understanding of the vast extent of misplaced productivity in the workplace.

Do you waste time at work? How often do you browse your social profiles while you should be doing work related tasks? Comment below and be honest! 

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