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Online Commerce Makes Way for More Seasonal Hiring Opportunities

As the holiday season quickly approaches, more seasonal part-time jobs will soon become available.

However, these new job opportunities may not be what you would expect.

While most retailers won’t have you working at the forefront—like on the floor or as a cashier—there’s always help needed in other areas of the workplace.

Global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray and Christmas, Inc. recently predicted that employment openings would be in high demand this year, mainly due to growing consumer spending.

The group has based their presumptions off of the increasing positions added to the United Postal Service (UPS) job industry.

“The UPS hiring plans, which, technically, would not be counted among retail employment gains, certainly represent a strong indication of holiday spending expectations,” stated Chief Executive Officer John A. Challenger.

UPS’ goal is to open up to 95,000 seasonal job positions with expectations that this holiday season’s online shopping craze will bring forth more profits than last year.

As stated by the Connecticut Better Businesses Bureau, “businesses are expected to add more than 800 thousand jobs before the end of this year, up from 786 thousand in 2013.”

Since the recession, seasonal jobs have been cut in great numbers. In 2008 alone, it was one the most devastating hiring seasons America has witnessed. From 2007 to 2008 the number of retail jobs added dropped by 54.9 percent. Nearly 325,000 workers were hired for the holiday season.

In most recent cases, 2013 saw an 8.6 percent (786,000) change, in comparison to a 6.5 percent (723,700) increase in 2012.

Challenger further mentions how the dotcom era has forced retailers to eliminate a lot of part-time seasonal jobs, so the demand for in-store labor declined. For instance, Target got rid of 70,000 job openings due to online shopping, but the company will soon add the same amount for this up-coming season.

Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Walmart are too planning to hire over 50,000 part-time seasonal employees.


Other smaller chains like JoAnn’s and GameStop will expand, but in smaller numbers.

It comes to no surprise that e-commerce businesses like eBay and Amazon will be adding fully stocked temporary workers to their roster. Amazon’s hiring plan mirrors Target, with at least 70,000 jobs available to job seekers. Ebay, however, will provide a total of 2,800 available jobs located in both Kentucky and Wisconsin areas.  

Things are obviously looking up as far as online sales are concerned. Retail sales went up by 0.6 percent in August, indicating that consumers are spending their hard earn cash on expensive commodities like electronics.

Businesses are mostly looking to add more workers in shipping facilities and warehouses. Challenger points out that job seekers should definitely take advantage of seasonal hiring opportunities in backroom handling, receiving, or shipment departments.

Apart from jobs related to online commerce and retail, transportation services, restaurants, and other entertainment occupations are always hiring more staff during this time of year and should also be considered.   

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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