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How To Optimize Your Instagram To Boost Your Career In The Fashion Industry

If you are willing to be part of the Fashion Industry as a blogger, photographer, designer or journalist it will be important for you to have a great instagram profile. The keys are to keep it professional and up-to-date. Check out these 10 do's and don'ts to boost your instagram profile:

  1. Do create a distinct style for your social media voice and blog by using similar techniques frequently, but don't be boring.
  2. Do pay attention to the details, this way you can create an interesting photograph in a bland situation.
  3. Do try for creativity, but don’t over do it. Go ahead and add hearts or sun flares to a photo, but you probably don’t need it on every single one. Keep things fresh.
  4. Do reveal “behind the scenes” of your day to day. That’s the beauty of social media, you don’t need a camera crew to show your followers what you are up to.
  5. Do use Instagram to promote posts, but don’t only promote posts. People are following your account to see more than just what they can find on your blog, give ‘em something to talk about!
  6. Don’t over saturate your feed, but do plan and spread out your uploads. You may lose followers if you “binge upload” and clutter your readers’ feeds, so save up some of those gem photos for a slower day.
  7. Do participate in commonly used hashtags, like #throwbackthursday, so users who may not be familiar with your blog can find you while trolling.
  8. Do use it to brand yourself. Do you want to show personal moments in your private life? Or keep your account more professional? Perhaps that photo of you doing tequila shots isn’t the image you want to portray…or maybe it is.
  9. Do think about composition. Even a seemingly average photo can be enhanced if you give it a different perspective.
  10. And finally, DO follow us @_ifb to see what’s going on in the fashion blogging community!

Hope you find them useful!


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