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SALARIES / DEC. 27, 2012
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Outline Agreement on New Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Police Signed

Press release | 21-06-2012

Mr Opstelten, the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice and the representatives of the Dutch police unions, ACP, NPB, VMHP and ANPV, today signed the outline agreement on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Police. The agreement outlining the employment terms for all police employees will have a term of three years.
The most important aspects set out in the agreement further to negotiations are: members of the police holding a physically and mentally challenging position (frontline officers) will be eligible for extra increases up to the maximum of the next pay scale.

The zero growth in income policy will be applicable for the entire term of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
The Minister will offer all police employees a job guarantee.
In their first year of training, trainee police officers will receive a grant from their training academy. In the second and third years, they will be paid a salary.
The existing early retirement and life-course savings schemes will remain in force. Cover for the funding deficit has been found in the budget for Security and Justice.

The working hours’ regimen will be relaxed, so that police officers can be more easily deployed when needed.
Extra measures will be taken to bolster police officers’ efficiency and skills.

The fees payable upon accidents at work and occupational illness will be increased and the employer will pay a contribution towards the premium of voluntary occupational disability insurance.

At the time of signing, Minister Opstelten said that he was glad that the parties had reached an agreement that does justice to the industry after long and difficult negotiations. He also expressed his appreciation for the unions and their rank and file. "None of the parties walked away from the negotiations, even though there was plenty of disagreement," Minister Opstelten said.

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