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Outsourcing to Freelancers can Help you Grow Your Business

Small business owners can gain from the many benefits outsourcing offers. This method of securing skilled labour has become a core component of day to day business strategies for many small business owners. Freelance job boards offer the convenience of finding short term solutions to skills shortages for tasks that need a quick turnaround time or tasks that require skills employees do not have.

Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance, one of the largest freelance websites for outsourcing and which has more than 30,000 new projects posted every month, sees outsourcing to freelancers as "a new, leaner way to start and grow a company with a lot less overhead."

Why you should outsource your business needs

Free up capital for revenue-increasing activities. At the top of the list of major reasons to use freelancers is its cost-effectiveness. Top talent can be accessed affordably through a number of freelance job boards such as,, People Per and With the market of freelance work being a highly competitive one, the cream of the crop of world class skills are offered at favourable cost to small business owners.

Free up your time to do what you do best. One of the most valuable resources is time. By handing over work to an expert freelancer can mean freeing up valuable time so that you can focus on driving your business forward through product innovation and development. After all, it is your unique product and services range where your passion really lies.

Staffing flexibility. Depending on the seasonal or cyclical nature of your business, you may require additional resources at specific times of the year. This is when you can use outsourcing to freelancers to your advantage.

Freelancers offer value for money. To remain competitive and provide comprehensive top of the range services, some freelancers can offer multiple skills that provide value for money. For example, a freelancer is not only a top notch copywriter but knowledgeable in web development or administration.

What work you can outsource

A wide range of skills and expertise is up for sale daily on freelancing websites such as:

-graphic design and information technology (website creation)

-sales and marketing

-business administration

-editing, writing and translation

-social media marketing and PR


Entrepreneurs wanting to hire various skills for short term projects can easily find help by placing job descriptions on freelancing websites. Freelance contractors can then bid for open jobs by submitting a proposal that details theirs skills, knowledge, expertise and past experience. Some are willing to provide samples of previous work.

How to make the most of freelance talent

Freelance job boards enable freelancers to showcase their talent, skills and expertise through online profiles. In addition, websites such as Elance offer skills tests that freelancers can take to strengthen the validity of their skills portfolio. Clients can peruse freelancer profiles that match the skills required for the job; and through ratings and feedback provided by previous clients, the professionalism of a freelancer can be gauged.

By taking the following steps, you can gain maximum advantage of outsourcing to freelancers:

  1. Know what specific skills you require before posting a job description.
  2. By outlining and making clear your expectations and targets relating to cost, quality of work and time taken for the task, a freelancer knows what is to be expected.
  3. Keep the channels of communication open and request regular updates.
  4. Provide feedback to any work done so your freelancer can make any adjustments that is               required.
  5. If the work does not meet your specifications, ask for the work to be redone to your satisfaction.

A survey by the Human Capital Institute sees a staggering 90 percent of American businesses resort to outsourcing some of their business needs. Small business owners are taking advantage of the many benefits gained from outsourcing their business needs to freelance contractors. Accessing to a large base of talent and skills, savings in time and money and keeping technologically current are some of the highly favoured reasons to outsource to freelancers to grow a business.


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