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Frail or Disabled Family Members to Benefit from Foreign Domestic Worker Grant


Over the next five years, more than 6,000 households are expected to benefit from the Foreign Domestic Worker Grant (FDWG) of $120 per month when it comes into effect from October 2012.  The grant aims to provide greater support to eligible families whose foreign domestic workers take care of family members who are frail or with moderate disabilities.  The grant is now open for application.

The grant was first announced by Minister of State for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Mdm Halimah Yacob, at the MCYS Committee of Supply debate in March this year.  The estimated budget over the next five years is $25 million.  Mdm Halimah said, “This grant will help alleviate the cost of families who hire Foreign Domestic Workers to take care of frail or disabled family members.  As caring for the frail elderly and disabled can be challenging, I also hope that more families will send their foreign domestic workers for training so that they can be better equipped to serve as caregivers.”

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify, households must have a per capita monthly income of $2,200 or less. For households with no income, the annual value of their property should be less than $13,000. The foreign domestic worker must take care of an elderly person or person with disabilities who have been assessed as having at least moderate disabilities by a panel of General Practitioners (GPs) i.e. they require assistance with some Activities of Daily Living such as showering or bathing, feeding, dressing, toileting, transferring or mobility. Please refer to CEL’s website at for the list of GPs.

Households will also be required to send their foreign domestic workers for relevant training in care giving. The existing Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) can be used by eligible persons to defray the cost of training. For more details on the eligibility criteria, please refer to Annex A.

Grant Application

Application details for the FDWG are currently available at CEL’s website . Households currently receiving the Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession will also receive a mail package containing information on the application procedure and the necessary application forms in the next few weeks.


Annex A

Eligibility Criteria of the Foreign Domestic Worker Grant (FDWG)

To qualify for the FDWG, applicants must meet all the following criteria:

If you are the employer of the foreign domestic worker for your care recipient

If you are the care recipient cum employer

1. Citizenship

·         Your care recipient must be a Singapore citizen if he/she is younger than 65 years


·         If he/she is 65 years and above, your care recipient must be a Singapore citizen OR a Permanent Resident (PR). If he/she is a PR, then you must be a Singapore citizen


·         You must be aSingapore citizen

2. Relationship with care recipient

·         You must be legally related to your care recipient, i.e. a spouse, child, grandchild, , sibling, sibling-in-law, parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, or grandparent-in-law


·         You must also be living at the same address as your care recipient, as reflected in your NRIC



3. Medical criteria

·         The care recipient must have at least moderate disability, as certified by an appointed doctor. 


A person with at least moderate disabilities is likely to require assistance in performing some activities of daily living like:

o    Showering or bathing

o    Dressing oneself

o    Feeding oneself

o    Managing bowel and bladder function

o    Moving from bed to upright chair/wheelchair or vice versa

o    Moving indoors from room to room on level surfaces

(Please note that this is a non-exhaustive list)

4. Caregivers’ training

·         Your foreign domestic worker will need to have attended the relevant caregivers’ training courses which are approved by CEL.


5. Household income criteria

The FDWG is means-tested. This means:

·         The per capita monthly household income must be $2,200 or less


How to calculate this?

Total monthly income of all family members*

_________________________________________________  ≤ $2,200

Number of family members*, including those with no income


* By “family members”, it refers to family members (related by blood, marriage or legal adoption) sharing the same residential address as the care recipient, as reflected in their NRIC


·         If your household has no income, the Annual Value of your property should be less than $13,000



Please note that employers are eligible for the grant for one foreign domestic worker per care recipient only. In addition, if a household has hired more than 1 foreign domestic worker, the household is eligible for the FDWG for a maximum of two foreign domestic workers at any one time.

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