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Paging Dr. Google

Google took another step towards taking over the world by announcing that it will now give you medical advice. OK, this time it doesn’t fulfill its megalomaniacal agenda; Google is actually trying to create an accurate source of clinical knowledge available to anyone that searches specifically for diseases and symptoms. All the sources will have been reviewed by a medical professional either working for Mayo Clinic or Google.

Talk to a doctor

On top of giving you medically valid information, Google is also looking into integrating an option to video chat with a medical professional while searching symptoms. It might be introduced as part of Google Helpouts, too, which is a marketplace that brings consumers in touch with professionals from various fields. Unfortunately, there is large unavailability for contracted hitmen/women and there is no word if that will be an option in the future.

This isn’t Google’s first foray into the medical field

No, Google never had gallstones removed, but its research and development department, the creatively named Google[x] has delved into medically applicable technology applications in the past. Currently, they are working on various medical applications including magnetic nanoparticles that adhere to cancerous cells and help with early diagnosis.

A Google a day will keep the doctor away

No, this is not Google’s intent, but the service could assist people that have limited access to health professionals due to geographic location, and conditions that may need immediate medical care that would otherwise be delayed. Honestly though, think of the mass hysteria it would create for hypochondriacs around the world.

Did I miss something about the new medical search option Google’s introducing to its engine? Then please let me know in the comment section below.

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