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How to Pick the Best Graduate Degrees for High Paying Jobs

Getting a good job after university is the primary concern for most graduates; however, unless you are studying the right degree discipline, graduating top of your year will mean very little in the hard-hitting jobs market.

It is vital that you choose your degree subject carefully and consider what is most important to you: Money? Job title? Career progression? Where you will work? Which company to work for? Once you have decided on what motivates you, it is important that you follow this to achieve your career goals.

If your main motivation is to make good money, it is paramount that the degree you do is in demand in the marketplace, and the average salary in the location you want to reside in is good.

Here is a list of the most lucrative Bachelor Degrees to do, which will secure you a high paying job upon graduation.

#1 Engineering (chemical, mechanical, civil)

#2 Computer science

#3 Mathematics

#4 Management Information Systems

#5 Finance/accounting

#6 Medicines

#7 Aeronautical engineering

#8 Law

#9 Architecture

#10 IT Auditor

This list is by no means exhaustive, and it is not a guarantee that by completing one of these degrees you will automatically secure a well-paid job. However, this list serves as a useful guide and can ultimately help you to direct your career in the most profitable direction.

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