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Pinterest Board Ideas for Job Seeking Success

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms at the moment, and job seekers have recognized this fact and are jumping on the bandwagon to promote their employability!

With so many recruiters expanding their social media presence to Pinterest, it is essential that job seekers know how to use Pinterest and how to create engaging pinboards to get the attention of the best employers.

Essential tips:

  • You must set up your own Pinterest profile and include a profile picture.
  • Create an insightful and engaging bio on your profile.
  • All images uploaded on Pinterest must be ‘shareable’ images. This means that the images you upload should be attractive or appealing to others so that they will continue to share them and inadvertently promote you.
  • You should also link your other social profiles including Facebook and Twitter to your Pinterest account.
  • Pinterest works in a similar way to Twitter in that you can use hashtags to ensure your uploads are found in relevant searches.

Pin board ideas for job seeking success:

Portfolio board – This could include examples of your previous work, sketches, writing samples and any other type of experience you can think of that will a) show off your talent, and b) be in an upload-able and shareable format.

CV board– Create a resume/CV board that includes an upload of your resume and an infographic to highlight the main points of your resume in an informal and creative way.

Skills board – Have a board dedicated to your skills, expertise, and any other qualifications you have. This will help recruiters to see straight away how relevant you are to the job. Upload images to display the type of skills and attributes you have.

Influences and inspiration board – A board that shows your influences and inspiration as a working professional is a nice touch to add to your Pinterest profile. Not only will this give recruiters an insight into the types of motivational people you admire but it will give them an idea of the type of person you hope to progress to.


Work attire – This type of board is just for fun but it will also give recruiters confidence that you are aware of the professional attire expected in a professional working environment. It will also show recruiters, particularly in the retail market, that you are fashion savvy and are up to date with the latest trends. 

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