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Pinterest – How to Use it to your Advantage

As an employer in a competitive market, knowing how to reach your target market and appeal to only the very best and most relevant of job seekers has become a skill - a skill that takes the form of social media marketing. Yes, the importance of getting a good reputation online has become paramount to companies, especially those seeking to attract top quality candidates to fill their vacant positions. There are various social media platforms that you must not only be active on, but use to your full advantage. Check out our tips below on how to use Pinterest to attract the best employees.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, the principle element of Pinterest is its visual impact; which ultimately means that you have to create engaging, relevant and interesting pin boards of images that will get you noticed by the right people.

Here are some great pin board ideas to get you started:

Industry Pin Board

Depending on your industry of expertise, you should have a board purposefully for that industry which displays eye catching and sharable images. For example, if your business sells dog food, avoid uploading images of dog food and go for cute and funny images of dogs and puppies! The main tip here is to bear in mind what kind of pictures will attract the attention of viewers.

Company Pin Board

Job seekers always want to know what a company looks like externally and internally when applying for a job so upload some nice photos of your office building to give a preview of working life in your company. 

Employees at Work Pin Board

A fun, personable and interactive pin board option is to upload images of your staff happy at work. This will give prospective employees a professional yet interesting preview of the employees you have working with you, the types of jobs they do, and the team the job seeker would likely be working within. Seeing employees at work is always interesting, even to those who are not interesting in applying for job! This means that the number of shares your pictures get will be high, and you will therefore gain maximum exposure.

Company Culture

Create a pin board of quotes and images that reflect the company culture and ethos in your office. This will not only be interesting to prospective employees, but will give an insight into the type of company you are, and allow you to upload ‘sharable’ images. The more sharable images you upload, the greater exposure you will get across the Pinterest network.

Pinterest is a valuable tool so don't be afraid to use it to it's full potential when advertising your business. 

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