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SALARIES / AUG. 17, 2014
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How to Plan a Cost Effective Holiday

Working full-time creates high levels of stress and low levels of relaxation. It’s so important that we take the time to go on a holiday. When you’re on vacation, you break away from the cycle experienced within your career.

Not all jobs are stressful, but it is important to disengage from the everyday hustle and bustle of work. When you go on holiday, you positively affect your mental state. Although we would all love to go on a holiday each month, it can be expensive. As long as you’re willing to take the time off, you can plan a cost effective holiday to remember.

Why Taking a Holiday Is Beneficial

  • Allows you to be more productive when you return
  • Encourages creativity when you disengage from your work environment
  • Improves your mental health, allowing you to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Allows you to spend meaningful time with family and/or friends
  • Have unique experiences that you can incorporate into your work, gaining new ideas and insight

Tips to Plan a Cost Effective, Memorable Holiday

  1. Plan Ahead: This is very important as it allows you to shop around. Continuously look for deals and discounts on holidays. We have the Internet as a resource, so use it. There are so many travel websites, so make sure you’re shopping around. You also need to plan ahead in terms of all your necessities. You may not think it’s a big deal to buy toothpaste and sunscreen at your resort, but you’re bound to pay more. Purchase all your little items before you leave. Planning ahead also ensures that you will have the time off. You do not want to plan a trip and than your boss says that you can not have the time off. Planning is key, both for cost and your time off.

  2. Rent a Home: If you’re going away with the family, looking into a home or condo rental is highly cost effective. Most homes will work out to be a lot less a night in comparison to hotel rooms. Look into vacation homes within the area you plan on visiting. Not only will the rental save you money in terms of lodging, but also for meals. Homes and condos give you access to a kitchen, so you can cook some your meals. Eating out three times a day for a week, can be very expensive for a family or even a couple. Making some nice meals in together can really decrease costs.

  3. Avoid Airport Parking: Sometimes you don’t have any other option, but if you can avoid airport parking, then do so. Have a friend or family member drop you off at the airport. If that isn’t possible, look into nearby hotels. Many hotels will offer a ’Park and Fly’ deal. If you stay at the hotel the night before, you can park your car there for the duration of your trip. It is all these little extras that add up, so pay attention to these expenses.

  4. Stay Away From the Mini Bar: If you like a drink or two, stay away from the drinks offered in the mini bar. Bringing your own water and alcohol is cost effective. If you’re looking to go on a week long holiday, try and get an all inclusive deal. That way, everything is included and you do not need to worry about drink and food costs.

  5. Don’t Be Afraid of Public Transportation: Taking taxis everywhere adds up. Look into a multi-day pass for the bus or subway system. Most larger cities have well thought out public transportation. If you’re in a small town, walk or bike around. It’ll be good for your health and your wallet. Look into your company and see if there are any benefits offered in terms of car rentals.

  6. Stay Closer to Home: Going overseas is generally what people want to do, but there are many great spots close to home. If you do not travel internationally you can travel cheaper, more often. It’s been found that shorter, more frequent trips are actually extremely beneficial.

  7. Take Advantage of Paid Holiday Days: The UK for example is within the top ten countries in terms of holiday pay. Although UK residents are entitled to these days, many people do not use all of their holiday time. You will need to save for your trip, but at least you do not lose out on your pay while you’re gone.

  8. Budget For Holidays: You should be budgeting each month in terms of your expenses. Just as you budget for housing, food, transportation, and bills, you can budget for holidays. Put a little bit away each month, that way you’re not putting too much on credit cards during your holiday. 


Stop dreaming of your next holiday and take it. You do not need to break the bank in order to have a successful trip. Plan ahead and budget effectively. Once you get this system down, you will realize that going on holiday is something that can be done each and every year. Don’t be one of the people that can say, "I haven’t taken a holiday in eight years.’ Start planning a great trip away, keeping some of the above tips in mind. 


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