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Police Recruitment in Costa Rica

The Ministry of Public Security is the primary police and law enforcement agency in Costa Rica. The Costa Rica police are under the control of the Ministry of Public Service, forming one of the two main bodies implementing law and civil policing in the region. The main duties of the Costa Rican police are outlined below:

  • Counter terrorism

  • Traffic police and order

  • Ensure public security and safety

In addition to the above, the Costa Rica police are an agency that protects and safeguards society against criminal activity.


The following is a basic outline of the requirements for a career with the Costa Rica Police:

  • Be a Costa Rican citizen

  • Aged between 18 and 35 years old

  • Possess a bachelor degree

  • Provide 2 passport size photographs

  • Criminal record

  • Medical history


The recruitment procedure adopted by the Costa Rican Police is relatively simple and straightforward. Depending on the vacancy that an individual applies for, they are required to present the relevant academic qualifications along with their completed job application. All administrative positions are screened and recruited by the Civil Service Department.

Candidates are required to visit the police headquarters in Barrio Cordoba to complete the application form and present the necessary documents. The following tests will be performed:

  • Medical examination

  • Physical assessment

  • Psychological test

After these, the applications are assessed and candidates are informed about their performance. 

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