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Police Training in Albania

albanian police

The recruitment and selection process for the police in Albania is based on a fair, transparent, impartial and competitive process whereby the most suitable applicants are selected. Individuals who wish to join the police force in Albania are required to meet a number of entry conditions. Provided all the applicable requirements are met, including medical health, physical fitness, citizenship, education and no previous criminal convictions, then the applicant will have a good chance of gaining a position with the relevant training academy.

All candidates seeking entry to the police training school must pass the fitness/physical entry test. The test is based on five main components, some of which include:

  • Vertical leap

  • Stomach exercises

  • 300m sprint

  • 2.4km cross training

Basic Patrol Police training is conducted at the training school in Sauk for a maximum of 200 new recruits. Provided the necessary medical and fitness tests have been completed successfully, applicants will receive a fulltime position at the school.

All new police recruits will be required to complete the Basic Police Education. This course qualifies candidates a general patrol officer, provided the course is completed successfully. The first course is a 22 week theoretical basic training program and is applicable for new recruits to the State Police, while the second course is an 11 week theoretical training course which is applicable to police who are currently in service.

  1. 22 week training programs includes training on general policing, skill police operations, firearms, medical activities and other related subjects.

  2. 11 week training programs covers matters relating to ethics, communication behavior, enforcement of laws, citizens’ rights etc.

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