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How to Position Yourself for Lucrative Career Prospects

Ever since we were born, we were made to feel special. First, by our guardians who raised us with hopes of a brighter future, then our teachers who told us to aim for academic excellence and finally our friends who’ve always believed in us and kept us going. And so, when time came for us to flap our wings and explore the world of careers we unfortunately found out that...

We weren’t that special after all
Most of us expected to stand out easily and be chosen in various job interviews because we worked hard on our reputations and now it was time to bring things to fruition. But the job market forces weren’t necessarily on our side. From massive unemployment to stiff competition for few placements, we found ourselves humbled by the situation on the ground...

And so we wondered
Did our parents fill us with misconceived hopes and dreams? Did our teachers incite us all this time with hot air promises? And how about our friends? Were they being real to us? Or was it all just some ignorant friendly bluff to avoid hurting our feelings. And though we hate to admit it, many of us feel betrayed for being victims of formalized ambitions in life. Plus chances are, they had been told time and time again to generation after generation of young and ambitious people like us.

The End Result
Throngs upon throngs of similar reputations flooding job markets as structural unemployment kept on climbing considering the monopolistic pressure from the formalized system of education. So we realized that doing what everyone was doing to get that lucrative career would prove to be cumbersome to say the least, which begs the question;

How then Does One Position Themselves For Exceptional Career Prospects?
When we think of exceptional career prospects, we’ve got to keep an open mind and focus beyond the formalized aspects of simply getting a job. Because in any case, many people simply want to get a job just for the sake of it. And so in a bid to position yourself for lucrative career prospects you should:

#1 Get rid of Retrogressive Career Attitudes and Beliefs you’re Fond of
Many people still cling to the idea that job interviews are the only way to gaining meaningful employment. Or that academic credentials should be the final determinant of career destiny. However, with the dynamic changes in job market structure, such retrogressive attitudes only serve to choke the credibility of your career prospects considering their popularity and what not. You’ve therefore got to audit your career attitudes and beliefs by basing them on the job market reality as it is, and if possible, as it will be. Speaking of which...

#2 Take charge and be a Solution Providers through Innovative Startups
Let’s take the US for example where startups nowadays seem to be the norm, particularly in the tech industry. Many Americans today have actually quit looking for jobs and decided to take their own initiative through startups. In doing so they not only get noticed, but they also subliminally position themselves for possibilities of ’talent poaching’. Great example is Jan Koum who had been rejected by Facebook in job interviews. But started a billion dollar software company which was then bought by Facebook.

#3 Turn to your Hobbies as a potential realignment towards a more rewarding and fulfilling career
Maybe Jan Koum’s concept of Whatsapp came about as a result of a hobby. Indeed, when you pursue something you love, then it doesn’t matter whether you’re getting any income from it or not. Ultimately, when it comes to achieving your dream career, then enjoyment is the best bet in making it a reality. So maybe that hobby you’ve been underestimating is something that’s in high demand. And who knows, you might be surprised by the sheer magnitude of fame and fortune you gain from your hobby.

Maybe we lost the way when we turned education into this formalized product for clinching lucrative jobs. But in actual fact, education is everywhere and if you’re keen enough, you’ll notice that lucrative career prospects usually end up with those who’ve found their true purpose irrespective of their formal educational background. And I think that’s the true virtue of education in life. As Basho once said, "Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought."


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