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WORKPLACE / SEP. 06, 2013
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How to Post a Job on Google +?

When it comes to recruiting using social media platforms, the options are infinite; however, only some of them will give us the results we expect. It is important that you spend time researching which social platforms are best suited to your job vacancy in order to get maximum results. 

Today, we will analyze how to promote a job post in Google + and how effective it will be.

Google Plus, in its approach to profiling, immediately developed the capacity for job titles and companies. With a strong focus on user profile development (versus only status updates and sharing), Google Plus is a natural resource for recruiters. Recruiting with Google Plus will involve sourcing candidates through Google's social network. Recruiters interested in online recruitment and social recruiting should begin to develop their network. It should be noted that the "Circle" function within Google Plus has strong potential for recruiters as they can share jobs with highly specific groups of professionals and not clutter up their main social stream with job postings (as they are forced to with Twitter.)

Although LinkedIn has always been considered the leader in Social Media Recruiting due to its repuation as a  "professional network", Google + is gaining followers when it comes to recruiting. Also the facilities it offers to post using hash tags as well as the possibility of creating different circles makes of Google + one of the upcoming platforms for creating your job post or even a job board.

To post a job on Google+ you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Create a Gmail account
  2. Create your G+ profile
  3. Upload a cover photo and a profile photo that helps employees to identify your company
  4. Post on a regular basis about your company culture, the development of your company, you successes, etc.
  5. Create different circles such as team members, possible candidates, etc. If you are going to post more than one job you can also create a circle for each job post, to have the candidates organized by job title.
  6. Start posting your jobs. Do not forget to include a link to the job description, an attractive photo, a title and hash tags, so that your job post becomes searchable.

Have you ever posted a job in Google+ ? Tell us about your experience.

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