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Posting a Vacancy - No Longer Necessary in the Twitter Era

The traditional hiring process was a long and arduous one that took time, energy and commitment. It was also a process that was considered to be relatively expensive, particularly if using a number of recruitment strategies.

In today’s social media era the process of posting a vacancy has changed dramatically. Recruiters are making use of online resources to hire a qualified workforce, as opposed to resorting to newspapers, industry magazines and recruitment agencies, amongst other techniques. 

Participation in social media is fundamental

Participation in social media is vital to the hiring process, and can strongly influence the quality of the candidates that you hire. One of the many techniques that companies are adopting is to build up a dedicated following on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This gives job seekers the opportunity to establish whether or not they are interested in working for this company. On the other hand, it is also the ideal opportunity for you to build a rapport with followers and ascertain top job seekers.

Engaging in social media is thus a vital step in the recruitment process. The difference between using social media as a hiring strategy and resorting to traditional techniques is magnanimous.  

The problems with traditional recruitment techniques:

  • They do not reach the best candidates, but simply hit people who are job hunting
  • They force recruiters to describe the company and role in a broader way, therefore the language is watered down with plenty of useless filters
  • Candidates send generic responses in the form of a non-verifiable CV or resume
  • The screening process involves interviewing plenty of generic, mediocre candidates


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