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How to Prepare for a job Before Graduating

If you are about to graduate then you need to be organized and fully prepared for what lies ahead. Following your graduation you will be ready to take your first steps onto the professional employment ladder, and must have a solid plan in place in order to ensure employment success.

Tips for graduates

Update your online accounts

There are numerous social media sites that will help you with your job search however LinkedIn is one of the key players as its primary purpose is to bring together business professionals. be sure to set up a LinkedIn account and begin networking with as many people as possible.

Other social media websites include Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+, which are all designed to enable people to socially network with individuals, companies and businesses from across the globe.

Other online techniques include updating your website if you have one. Having a professional website that demonstrates your skills and capabilities will help towards your job seeker success following your graduation. Social media is one of the most fundamental steps that all graduates should tweak and refine prior to beginning their job search.

Order business cards

Order a set of business cards detailing your area of study and university attended. These will come in handy when attending careers fairs or other networking events. Make them professional and eye catching. This will help you to appeal to recruiters and may make all the difference between being remembered and being forgotten.

Calendar upcoming careers fairs

Never miss a careers fair as these are excellent ways to network and meet business people in a professional setting. Keep a diary of every event that you intend to attend and never miss an opportunity to visit a career’s fair. This is your chance to network, meet likeminded professionals and potentially land a job!

Visit a careers advisor


Careers advisors are there to offer tips and advice to graduates. Their purpose is to ask you a series of questions and help you to plan a career path based on your skills, academic background and interests. Careers advisors are highly useful is gaining some perspective on what you want to do with your future. Careers advisors also help you to review your CV or resume, prepare for an interview and provide useful tips to ensure that you stand out to employers. 

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