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WORKPLACE / NOV. 19, 2015
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How to Prepare for a Meeting in a Flash

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WORKPLACE / OCT 19, 2014

For many, having to manage a disciplinary meeting sounds like a nightmare come true. They can quickly escalate into shouting matches, creating tension and ill-feeling...

How to Prepare for the Work Week
WORKPLACE / OCT 02, 2014

Do you, like millions of us around the world, wake up on a Monday morning and panic? After pressing the snooze button on our alarms about 5 times, finally roll out of bed...

you're fired note
WORKPLACE / MAR 12, 2015

The decision to terminate an employee is never an easy one. If you’ve been given the unenviable task of delivering the bad news, remember that it will certainly be more...

How to Meet Crazy Work Deadlines
WORKPLACE / JUL 15, 2014

Every careerist experiences deadlines. Deadlines could be from your boss, your client or from a contractor. Now, not meeting deadlines could be bad for business and could...

obama sleeping
WORKPLACE / OCT 19, 2015

Did you know that nearly half of workers in the United States fall asleep during meetings? Can you blame any of them? With boring managers, constant lectures and agendas...

American Hustle scene
WORKPLACE / OCT 06, 2015

Did you know that roughly 47 percent of workers think that having to attend meetings is the biggest time waster at work? This is understandable as meetings can often get...

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