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How to Prepare for your Maternity Leave

The old myth that women cannot have it all can be disregarded now as we enter the era where a large number of companies are headed by women. Girl power has never been as strong as it is in the 21 century, where women are taking charge of their home, their children and their jobs. The golden secret to have it all? Be prepared.

Inform your Employer

The first step in preparing for your maternity leave is to inform your employer of what is to come. Ask for a meeting with your manager to make your announcement. It is advised that you break the news to your manager before you inform your colleagues as it can build ill-feeling between you and your manager. When informing your boss, make sure you tell them that you will aim for a smooth transition and will be returning after your leave.

Be Aware of the Company Policy

This maybe the trickiest part of your maternity leave as each country has different laws and policies governing maternity leave. If you are a first-time mum, it is advised to ask around to learn about different factors and aspects you should be aware of. Do some research and make sure you are aware of every single form you are required to complete and submit.

Weigh your Options

Having a baby is a huge deal, especially if it is your first. Many women want to take the full length of their leave while a small percentage wishes to return to work after soon after giving birth. Whatever you decide – including whether or not you want to return to work at all – is up to you. Take your time and weigh your options before making any rash decisions about the future of your employment.

Write a Guide

Now that you will be going away for a prolonged period of time, you will have to prepare a guide on how to efficiently conduct your daily responsibilities and duties. Clearly outline how you maintain records, keep track of your work and how you would like your job to be carried out. If you can, complete all pending tasks so that the person taking over your role can easily start afresh.

Get Ready to Leave

Going from a corporate 9-5 job to being home full-time takes getting used to, therefore you should expect many changes in your lifestyle along with changes to your body. Prepare your workload and ensure that your manager is aware of exactly when you are leaving. Clear communication is vital at this point of your pregnancy to ensure that there are no confusions after you begin your maternity leave. 

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