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Preparing For Your Temp Interview

So you’ve just been offered a job interview for a temporary position. Though you might be thinking, ‘play it cool, this is nothing serious’, it is still essential that you take this interview seriously, as this could be your opportunity to find a job that brings long-term career prospects and networking opportunities. 

Preparing for a temporary job interview 

If you’re thinking, ‘this is great, all I have to do is turn up for the interview’, you couldn’t be more wrong. Change your mindset and your employment prospects could augment significantly. 

Below are some tips on acing the temporary job interview with flying colors... 

Research thoroughly 

Learn as much as possible about the company, such as its annual revenue and mission statement. Show a sincere interest in what you will be contracted to do and you will show more passion and enthusiasm towards the position than other candidates. 

Be fully prepared 

Be prepared well ahead of time. Understand what the company is looking for and compare that with what skills you have to offer. Establish what experience and qualities you can bring to the role by writing a list and comparing them with the specifications detailed in the job description. Such preparation will also help you to shine during the interview. 

Dress the part 

Though you are interviewing for a temporary position, keep in mind that success in this role could lead to bigger and better things. Have in your head that you are interviewing for your dream job role. Show passion and enthusiasm towards the role, dress professionally and wear neat, clean, presentable clothing. 

Be prepared to open up 

Be prepared to talk about your successes, experiences, failures and work ethic. Make sure you are prepared to answer a range of questions, including: ‘Why temporary employment?’ 


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