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Prime Minister Vlad Filat Chaired a Meeting of the National Council for Public-Private Partnership

vlad filat

At the beginning of the meeting, the prime minister said that by initiating public-private partnerships, the government aims at ensuring an efficient management of the public property and at attracting private partners in this process.

"The first steps in this respect had been taken by ensuring a legal and institutional framework, so that the state property be efficiently managed and the population benefit from quality services," the prime minister said.

It is noteworthy that the CNPPP members held their first meeting today. They examined a string of organizational issues, as well as the launch of public-private partnerships in healthcare, education and air transport infrastructures fields.

Thus, the council elected the members of its permanent bureau and secretariat. The permanent bureau of the council will be made up of five members, including the prime minister, the deputy prime minister, the economics minister, the finance minister and regional development and construction minister. The CNPPP's secretariat will be made up by a subordinated unit of the Agency for Public Property. At the same time, the participants approved the list of state-owned goods and of the works and services of national public interest due to be included in the public-private partnership, as well as the regulation on the standard procedures and general conditions for selecting the private partnership.

Also today, the members of the National Council for public-private partnership examined two medical projects (on dialysis and radiography services) and a project on the restoration of the students' hostels of the Moldova State University and on the enhancement of the Chisinau International Airport.

Health Minister Andrei Usatai said that the implementation of the project for providing dialysis services on the basis of a public-private partnership will make it possible to provide quality services to over 400 patients that need permanent haemodialysis procedures. The second project, which sees the providing of radiotherapy services, is extremely important for Moldova, since over 45,000 people suffer from cancer and about 8,000 people are annually diagnosed with this malady. The minister said that besides the purchase of modern equipment, the project envisages the training of the medical staff that will activate within those medical institutions.

The participants in the meeting also examined a draft project which sees the launch of a public-private partnership for the renovation of four student hostels of the Moldova State University, due to be overhauled and extended.

Also today, the participants in the CNPPP meeting discussed a project on the improvement of the Chisinau International Airport. In the context, Deputy Prime Minister, Economics Ministry Valeriu Lazar said that the Chisinau International Airport has a long and medium-term development plan estimated at over 140 million euros. In this respect, the government's goal is to contribute to the development of the airport by enhancing the management capacity at the above institution and by attracting international operators in the field of airport s administration.

The prime minister spoke about the attraction of the implementation capacity of public-private partnership projects and demanded maximal responsibility in this respect.

The projects examined by the CNPPP are to be put forward for approval at the next government meeting.

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