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Print Media to Use for Offline Job Postings

When posting a job vacancy in any form of media, whether online or offline, it is integral to consider the target audience of each medium. There are many different genres in each type of media thus creating endless outlets for your job posting. Recruiters are advised to consider each form of advertising before determining their end result.

There are many different genres of print media, encompassing the different specializations such as health, automobiles and finances, thus it is imperative to determine which audiences you wish to target with your job posting. In order to benefit from your offline posting to the greatest extent, it is important to target the readership. Through this, recruiters can obtain maximum exposure of the job posting to the right and most suitable candidates.

There are different types of print media that employers can utilize to post their vacancies in. the following are some advantages and disadvantages of the different offline mediums of advertising:


The most traditional form of advertising is through the conventional newspapers. This medium has been used to advertise goods and services for decades. The advantages of newspaper advertising are outlined below:

  • Flexibility with regards to size of advert and its formatting
  • Exposure is unlimited as the newspaper can be recycled amongst individuals
  • Instant outreach to readership of the newspaper

Whereas the disadvantages of this medium are:

  • Large ads cost substantial amount of money, with some newspapers charging by word
  • Advert can be lost in the clutter of the classified section amongst competitors
  • Short-lived as the newspaper becomes outdated after its first day/week


Magazines are a more specialized and genre-orientated type of print media. This form specifically targets readers in a particular category, for example: a health and fitness magazine would be an ideal place to place an advert for a fitness trainer in a gym.  Some advantages of magazine job posting are:

  • Better quality paper for enhanced quality adverts
  • Targets specific readership
  • Usually more expensive than newspapers thus resulting in individuals paying more attention to content

However, some of the disadvantages of magazine advertising are the following:

  • Inflexibility with regards to ad placement and size
  • Usually expensive as the space and cost of print is higher
  • Many publications require the advert to be submitted many months in advance

Once you have determined the medium of offline advertising, recruiters are able to make the most of their job posting. Through targeting the correct readership, employers can ensure that there are more relevant applicants for the job opening thus achieving recruitment success. 

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