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How To Progressively Advance Your Oracle Skills

What’s the big deal about Oracle?

A generic qualification in database technology can be a good foundation for a career, but less likely to appeal to employers compared to certification from a well-known platform.

A system that is both popular and in demand across all leading industries today is Oracle. It is also one of the most expensive certifications one can get. However, Oracle qualifications are the most marketable, with the widest choice of platforms and employers, and the best rates of pay.

With that in mind, those who are looking for a fruitful career may choose to devote their time in expanding their knowledge and skills in Oracle. Below uncovers essential information about the superior system and resources that can help you advance your Oracle skills.

Oracle 101

Oracle is a relational database management system that runs on more than 80 platforms. It is the dominant database in commerce, finance, manufacturing, telecoms and the rest of the private sector, from Boeing to BT. It is also widespread in national and local government, police services and other public organizations and charities.

Oracle is available on the widest range of platforms, leading the market in Linux and Unix, and competing with IBM on mainframes and Microsoft on Windows. The database management system has grown to cater to handling large amounts of information in a very organized manner.

Because the system is highly customizable, honing the skill is similar to learning a programming language.

Top 5 Resources For Oracle-Related Guides And Tutorials

For the most part, Oracle provides a number of guides in the form of articles, podcasts and books for professionals. Most people overlook the obvious, but a great place to start on your Oracle journey is with their website. Navigating the website is like going through a maze; therefore, I will mention a couple of official Oracle resources in the list below.

1. Linux Recipes for Oracle DBAs: This book was designed to be used like a dictionary. It addresses topics related to Oracle Database in a Linux environment. Professionals can easily look for a specific task and find the solution to their problem without wasting time on fillers. The learning curve for this book is steep and is geared towards database administrators.

2. Oracle Podcast Center: This is the official Oracle podcast page. The company covers topics related to Oracle cloud computing and Java. The information from the podcasts is very reliable, as all the sources for the interviews are within the company itself. It doesn’t get any better than that.

3. Easy Oracle PHP: Combining Oracle with PHP can be confusing. This unique book focuses on removing the guesswork from creating dynamic web pages with Oracle content. Packed with working code examples, this book shows working examples of connecting to Oracle and delivering data into an HTML page.

4. Expert Oracle and Java Security: Programming Secure Oracle Database Applications With Java: This book addresses the key issues related to secure Java and PL/SQL coding. In general, the information found in the book revolves around data security and integrating Oracle workflows. Data encryption is on the rise due to cloud computing, making this reference extremely useful in the years to come. The author uses simple terms to address the learning curves of both novice and experts.

5. Oracle Training and Certification: ‘Learn Oracle from Oracle’ is the motto of the company’s training program. Here you will find videos, course layouts and tips for getting certified. If you’re looking for official guides for Oracle exams, this is where you need to start.

To conclude, with a strong commitment to learn and the motivation towards an engaging career, you too can become an Oracle expert. In order to solidify your credibility in using the database management system, make sure to aim for proper certification.

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