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How to Promote Facebook Effectively

When creating a media campaign on Facebook, there are two things to bear in mind. The first is that Facebook is cracking down on companies that are trying to do free advertising, instead of using their paid services. The second is that few people are willing to engage with something that is blatantly an advertisement, becoming frustrated and bored to the point where they will stop following a company’s posts. Thankfully, there are ways to handle both issues without having to exert much effort.                                                            

Provide engaging content

People like reading things that can help solve problems in their daily lives. Provide engaging articles about how your company handles certain situations, with brief mentions of your products. The point is to provide solutions to problems in a way that does not scream, “Advertisement!”

A good example is if your company manufacturers’ bike tire patches. Instead of simply stating what they are used for, tell the story of a biker going across his hometown. Have the tire pop, and his whole schedule put at risk. A simple patch and a pump from a small compressor, and he is ready to head back out on the road.

This shows your product in a position to help a person, in a real life situation, without saying a single word about purchasing it.

Utilize customer feedback

People love to talk. Utilize this to the fullest extent possible, by inviting feedback on your feed. Curate the best responses, and allow conversations to flourish. This does not run afoul Facebook’s new restrictions since you are not promoting any item or service. Instead, you are creating a sense of community engagement that will lead to greater product loyalty in the future.

Showcase your products, but don’t push them

There are many ways to get your products out into the public domain. Instead of doing a direct advertisement, simply tell people what has changed, and why you changed it. Invite public discussion of the changes, and engage them in conversation. By giving the appearance of a company that truly cares about public relations, you will be able to engender good will with potential customers. This will help them view your company in a positive manner, sharing your new products without you having to prod them to do so.

Facebook is based around the concept of sharing information; you cannot be penalized for creating a non-advertising post that people like to pass around.

Show your company in a positive light

Few people stop to think about the people working at the companies they do business with everyday. It is easy to forget the human element in the modern business world. Break this by creating posts showcasing the talent and history of different people on your staff. Make a series out of this endeavor and invite feedback with the mentioned party answering questions.

This will help the public view your company as one worthy of trust.  It is easier to blame a company without a face for an accident, rather than that small store run by a person you can say hello to on the street.

View Facebook as a platform to increase public goodwill and engagement, rather than a place to promote products. This service excels at connecting people. By introducing the human element, and creating engaging content, you can help eliminate the barriers the general public see in many companies, and increase the amount of trust they have for your firm and products.

When you do mention an item or service, do so in a way that helps solve a real-world problem and allow the story to be the advertisement.


 Image source: Marketing Land

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