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How to Promote Your Blog Effectively

Nowadays, there are millions of blogs out there covering almost every subject imaginable. As a result, getting your blog noticed can be a very difficult task. Here are some strategies which will help you promote your blog, thus attracting more traffic and expanding your audience.

1. Use social media

Millions of people use sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share and find information. Therefore, sharing content on social media is one of the most effective ways of promoting a blog. Take time to find and connect with like-minded people. Every time you publish a new post on your blog, be sure to share it across all your social media profiles. If the content is interesting, your connections are likely to visit your blog to learn more. However, don’t just use social media to share your content. Take time to interact actively with other users. This will enable you to build trust and a strong following.

2. Don’t forget social bookmarking sites

Besides social media sites, social bookmarking sites are also powerful tools for blog promotion. Bookmarking your content on sites such as Delicious, Xing, Slashdot, Digg, Tumblr, Reddit or StumbleUpon can be a very effective strategy for driving traffic to your blog.

3. Write guest posts

Guest blogging refers to writing posts for other people’s blogs. This is beneficial to the host as well as the guest blogger. While the host receives great content from different authors, the guest blogger gets exposure a wider audience. Carry out a simple Google search to find blogs in your niche that accept guest posts. For example, if you are looking for home improvement blogs, you can search using [Home Improvement - Write for Us] or [Home Improvement – Authors Wanted]. Once you find such blogs, take time to read through their guest posting requirements. Make sure the blog allows guest posters to have a link back to their own blog. In addition, take time to read through previous posts published to get a feel of the writing style. Once your guest post gets published, be sure to share it widely with your connections. Don’t forget to respond to comments left by readers.

4. Syndicate your content

When you syndicate your content, you basically allow other sites to publish it, as long as they acknowledge you as the original author. This gives you the opportunity of reaching an even greater audience. There are several free and paid sites that allow you to syndicate your content. This includes Social Media Today, The Social Customer, The Customer Collective, MyVenturePad and Sustainable Business Forum.

5. Join discussions and forums

Regardless of your niche, there is likely to be a related discussion group or forum online. Take time to find and join such groups. Participate actively in conversations and offer useful contributions. Occasionally, you could even share a link to a useful post on your blog. With time, other group members are likely to see you as an expert in your field. However, avoid the temptation of spamming forums with too many links.


No matter how useful the content on your blog is, it is pointless if no one visits it. Applying the strategies mentioned above will ensure that your blog does not languish in anonymity.

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